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Deep dive into technology trends

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of many technological innovations that has rapidly gained momentum over the past decade. Fundamentally, IoT is about digitally connecting Humans with our surroundings. Just like we use our senses to physically experience and understand our environment, IoT provides a direct data feed from the non-digital realm that allows us to better understand and control the world around us. By further leveraging additional capabilities, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality, we’re now able to analyse data sources in a whole new way, leading to process optimisations, better customer experiences, and a richer platform to make more informed decisions about our assets and businesses.

Advancements have also been made in how we think about implementing technology. Categories like the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge are leading frameworks that help with building the best solutions for your use case. Thinking beyond simply collecting data is also crucial. Combining IoT with AI gives us an automated Digital Feedback Loop, where we can collect, analyse, and action data more effectively than ever before.

The Built Environment has been the testbed of innovation for decades. Concepts like sensor networks and automated control have existed in this space for many years. But with developments in IoT, we’re able to unlock new data sources from previously disconnected assets to gain deeper insight into how our buildings and facilities are performing at any stage of the lifecycle – from design and construction through to long-term management and decommissioning.

So why is now the time to consider leveraging IoT? Or how does this new technology complement existing processes and investments rather than relying on costly equipment overhauls? These questions are key to ensuring that genuine value is derived from the technology.

My session during the CIBSE Seminar Series in Melbourne will explore the current trends in AI, IoT, and Mixed Reality that are leading to unprecedented digital transformation. Beyond just the trends, we’ll also be discussing how companies approached these advanced projects to ensure value for their business and customers. Issues like ethical responsibilities when making decisions with AI, and considerations for navigating the messy security landscape for IoT will also be covered to make sure you and your organisation are fully equipped to take advantage of these new technologies in every capacity.

Whether you’re a Building Operator, Building Designer, Technology Expert, or Technology Beginner, we’ll cover something for everyone in this deep dive into technology trends impacting the world of construction and facilities.
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Matt Sinclair - AI and IoT Lead, Microsoft Australia

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