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Test of Time Award

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This award recognises measured in-use building performance rather than projections or promises at design. Entries should demonstrate that they are committed to developing high-performing buildings over a sustained period, as well as managing and measuring their performance in the long term.

Who should enter

Projects and initiatives that have won a CIBSE Building Performance award from 2010 to 2015.


Entries should be supported by 5 years of operational performance data following completion of the project.

Whilst other categories in the awards recognise achievements in the immediate aftermath of project completion, there is an ongoing commitment to building performance required , if we are to make a lasting impact on climate change. The test of Time award recognises this long-term commitment by looking back at previous winners and assessing whether they have continued to deliver similar or improved levels of performance in use.

Judging Criteria

The judges will look for entries which are accompanied by thorough evidence of measured building performance such as:

 Details of the building(s) or portfolio and its performance requirements.

 Improvement in actual performance based on measured energy consumption.

 User feedback on the building(s) or portfolio and satisfaction with the measures adopted.

Any special challenges or problems and how they were overcome.

Specific evidence of training and education initiatives to support the facilities management team.

Entry form

Closing date for entries: 14 September 2018

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