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Energy Management Initiative

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The award recognises the initiatives of a building owner or occupier to achieve outstanding building performance in their building or building portfolio. This will include demonstrating substantially reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions without compromising the comfort levels and working conditions of its users. It will be awarded to the organisation who demonstrates the most effective initiative or strategy for managing energy and water use and makes the most efficient use of the energy it does consume. 

The award is open to any organisation, either in the UK or overseas, for an initiative or strategy that manages energy use in a building or portfolio of buildings. Entries from SMEs are particularly encouraged.

Who should enter

Property owners, land/estate owners, building occupiers.


Entries may be submitted by any organisation for an initiative either within the UK or overseas, where the initial activity was completed during the period 1 June 2015 - 31 August 2017. Entries should be accompanied by a full year of operational performance data following completion of the initial energy management interventions. 

Judging Criteria

The Judges will look for clear evidence of actual energy performance, and the scale of the initiative relative to the organisation. Entries should evidence:

Details of the energy management initiative or strategy and building performance objectives.

 Details of any special project objectives, challenges, or constraints and how these were addressed in the initiative.

Measures taken to reduce energy use, including changes to the lighting, heating, and cooling provision, changes to equipment, hours of operation or other control parameters and changing staff or user behaviour by training, education and motivational activities.

User feedback on the building(s) or portfolio and satisfaction with the measures adopted.

Collaboration between members of the project team, including users and how that has contributed to improved performance.

 How the project or initiative could be accessed and applied by other client bodies, such as a project website, other web-based material, guidance material, a training or staff engagement programme or other transferable tools.

 Evidence of improvement in actual performance based on measured energy and water consumption.

The Building Performance Awards seek to recognise outstanding, measured performance. Winning entries provide clear evidence of how buildings really perform in use. Ideally this will include Display Energy Certificates, ESOS reports, or entries into the CarbonBuzz database, but other clear evidence of actual performance is accepted. Where buildings are expected to have a DEC by law, then we would expect to receive an up to date DEC as part of the entry package.

Entry form

Download the Energy Management Initiative Award Entry Form

Closing date for entries: 14 September 2018

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