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CIBSE Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee

Purpose of Sub-Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee (KPSC) is responsible for identifying the programme of work to develop new content for the Knowledge Portal. The Sub-Committee meets four times a year, usually in January, March, June and September.

The activities of the Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee support the functions of the Knowledge Management Committee (KMC).

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee new content development for the Knowledge Portal and updating and maintenance of existing content.
  • To gather input on knowledge needs from wider CIBSE membership on a regular basis, including Regions, Societies, Networks and Special Interest Groups. 
  • To review new work proposals for technical publications (TP/1s) and make recommendations to KMC for approval, and also to advise on potential authors for and contributors on the proposed new content.
  • To make recommendations to KMC for approval of proposals for research projects (RP/1s) through the CIBSE Research Fund and the Richard Tully Fund.


The Institution seeks participation from all CIBSE interest areas. Members of KPSC should be drawn from a range of age, gender, background, experience and expertise, and should include participation from a range of sectors and interest groups in the UK and overseas e.g. Industry, Manufacturing, Project Management, Finance, Research, Academia.

The Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee shall comprise at least 9 and no more than 15 members, including the Chair. KPSC may co-opt no more than three additional members to assist in specific matters. Co-opted members shall serve for so long as the particular matter is on the agenda and they shall not have a vote. 

Members of KPSC are initially appointed for a three year period. At the end of this period they can be re-appointed for a further three year term. It is desirable that new members be added regularly to KPSC to bring in new ideas and expertise, however, it is equally desirable to retain expertise. Therefore, the aim should be that at least two members retire from KPSC at least every year.

Members attributes

To be considered for appointment to the Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee applicants should normally be in CIBSE membership and must be able to commit their time to participate in meetings, either in person or remotely. Members will also be asked to read circulated papers to allow informed decision making and to comment on draft documents as and when required. 

Attributes of Members of the Knowledge Programme Sub-Committee:

  • Experience of using or contributing to CIBSE guidance;
  • Awareness of the needs of the sector, interest in developing new knowledge and guidance to meet users’ needs, and address new ways of working, technological advance and introduction of new processes;
  • Knowledge of current research activities;
  • Awareness of future trends and developments likely to affect the sector and their impact on CIBSE members in their various roles;
  • Ability to develop a robust and comprehensive programme of new content development to maintain the existing core knowledge and extend it into areas of future importance for CIBSE members.

For more information about KPSC please refer to the CIBSE Knowledge Management Document.

Sub-Committee Membership

Chair: Roger Hitchin

Other members:

  • Andy Ford - London South Bank University
  • Angela Malynn - Arup Group
  • Ant Wilson - AECOM
  • David Hughes
  • Dejan Mumovic - UCL
  • Gay Lawrence Race
  • George Adams - SPIE UK
  • Keith Horsley - Hoare Lea
  • Kevin Stubbs - Trilux Lighting
  • Lee Hargreaves -  London South Bank University
  • Mike Smith - BSRIA
  • Paddy Conaghan - Hoare Lea
  • Satheesh Jacob

Director Responsible: Hywel Davies

Department: Technical