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Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK

See 2019 Consultation for revised edition of CP1 here

For 2015 edition of CP1

Following the public consultation, this document was published, summarising the responses received. On 2 July 2015, alongside the publication of the completeted document, the document has been updated to summarise how the responses were handled.

Objectives of the consultation

To ensure that heat networks are designed and operate effectively, the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE), formerly the Combined Heat & Power Association (CHPA), and CIBSE brought together industry partners to establish common standards for the development of district heating.

This public consultation on the draft Code of Practice was issued on 28 August 2014 and closed on 9 October 2014. Its aim was to establish minimum standards for new and retrofitted district and community heating networks schemes. It was seeking comments and input from the wider industry and stakeholders to ensure that the final document achieves an overarching aim - a standard to ensure the conception, design, build and operation of efficient, cost effective district heating for all users.

Supporting papers

To download the papers that supported this consultation, please follow the links below.


For any enquiries about the Code of Practice or this consultation, please contact the steering committee via the Code of Practice secretariat: Hanae Chauvaud de Rochefort at or Tel: 020 3031 8744.