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Communication Skills

Learn how to be persuasive by listening and explore various writing techniques. 

This programme consists of the following modules:

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3 essential levers for building a winning cooperation

To define the basic elements needed for building a winning co-operation with others. During this programme you will look at winning through co-operation, identifying your co-operation margin with each individual and main obstacles to co-operation.


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Building win- win relationships with your team


To improve your negotiation and communication skills. During this programme you will look at the definition of a win-win relationship, preparing your arguments, differentiating between position and interests, reaching a win-win agreement with your co-workers and practical tools for adopting a win-win attitude with your co-workers


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The art of persuading through listening

To use the power of listening to persuade others. During this programme you will look at incorporating the five stages of persuasion into your arguments, using the benefits of listening to help you persuade others. Reassuring your customer that he is being listened to and understood, mastering the power of questioning to encourage the customer to think in a more mature way, reinforcing your argument with active listening.

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