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Soft Skills

As well as the fundamental technical skills, people’s work ethic, attitude, communication skills, emotional intelligence and other personal attributes are the soft skills that are becoming ever more crucial for career success.

CIBSE Training’s Online Learning Soft Skills Programmes support building services professionals become outstanding employees.

Online Learning Programmes Available: 

Business & Management Skills

Business and management skills are important for many reasons. They position you to act as an effective leader and problem-solver in different situations. Strengthen these skills and watch how they can impact your job performance and opportunities.

Productivity & Time Management

This programme of modules will help you to prioritise your workload, maintain your motivation and strategically manage your time. 


Coming Soon:

Self-Management & Personal Development 

Understand emotional intelligence, how to communicate better and know what is the best way to manage stress. 

Communication Skills

Learn how to be persuasive by listening and explore various writing techniques. 


How to book 

  • Online: Follow the links above to the module web page and click "buy now" (Credit / debit card only)

Email: or call: +44 (0)20 8772 3660