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Low Voltage Distribution

Key Areas
Course Content
Learning Outcomes
Who Should Attend
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Key Areas

The module is designed for non-electrical Building Services engineers who now find that they have an increasing need to be able to design electrical distribution schemes, or for those with a more traditional electrical background who wish to apply their knowledge practically to the design of electrical distribution within buildings. 
The module covers both the principles and practices of electrical power distribution from the optimum location for the main electrical intake position through to the choice of power distribution systems and their containment. It also introduces the use of essential and non-essential supplies and the possible choices for standby electrical supplies.

This course is worth 7 CPD hours

Course Content 

  • Choosing electricity supplies                                     
  • Load assessment – preliminary stage                                     
  • Design decisions for the main electrical intake                                   
  • Energy efficiency in offices                                         
  • Distribution systems and equipment     
  • Distribution within buildings                                       
  • Wiring systems and cable management               
  • Essential and non-essential loads                           
  • Standby supplies                              

Learning Outcomes 

  • Power supplies
  • Electricity supplies at HV & LV, maximum demand, substations and transformers
  • Generators and uninterruptable supplies
  • Essential and non-essential loads
  • Use of generators and UPS systems
  • Distribution switchgear and protection
  • Cable types and selection 
  • How distribution circuits are determined, arranged and protected
  • Fuses and circuit-breakers
  • Selection and use for equipment protection

Who Should Attend

CIBSE online learning courses are suitable for those wishing to enhance and support their current knowledge base, as well as graduates within an engererial discipline.  

Each unit has been peer reviewed and tested through this group. The units allow students to take a coordinated journey through an individual topic or a series of topics. The units form the backbone of several corporate training schemes.

Course Fees 

  • Membership Rate: £270 (£324 inc VAT)
  • Standard Rate: £300 (£360 inc VAT)


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