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SLL & CIBSE Home Counties North West Webinar - Bats: Why Dark Skies Matter

06 July 2021 11:00 - 12:30


CPD Hours

06 July 2021 | from 11:00 BST

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and CIBSE Home Counties North West Region are pleased to invite you to register for this upcoming webinar, looking at the impact of artificial lighting on UK bat populations, standards for protecting the night-time environment and developments from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dark Skies.


Chaired by Chris Dicks, the SLL Regional Representative for CIBSE Home Counties North West, this webinar will be looking at the following:

Basics of UK bat ecology & biology:

- UK bat species

- How they live & survive

- Typical bat year

- Current population trends

How bats react to light:

- Some of the studies done

Mitigations - what has been tried

Case study – A woodland SSSI research station 

Standards and legislation:

- Statutory legislation 

- SLL Lighting Guide LG6 (External Lighting Design)

- ILP Guidance Note 8 – Bats and External Lighting

- Dark Skies – Developments in the All Parliamentary Parties Group on Dark Skies 

This webinar will end with an interactive Q&A. 


Keith Cohen

Keith Cohen has been a consultant ecologist since 2002, working at times as part of larger multi-disciplinary companies and at times self-employed, as now. A Full Member of CIEEM since joining in 2005, and a licensed bat worker since 1993 and a batworker trainer since 1997. Current projects include ringing and radio-tracking for population monitoring of Bechstein’s bats, research into surveys and monitoring of tree-roosting bats, and a range of commercial bat mitigation projects. Over the years, he has undertaken a broad range of ecological work including botanical surveys for windfarm developments and of SSSIs, fungal scoping surveys for the Scottish Foresty Alliance native woodland creation project, breeding bird surveys, and more. He also worked as a Countryside Ranger for 13 years in a role that involved botanical SSSI monitoring, bird census and providing bat advice (BRV) visits, and occasional ecology input to planning, as well as the usual practical, educational and interpretive work. That role also involved providing ecological training to varied groups including statutory bodies. Currently he is advisor to a community group on creation of woodland as bat habitat. No lighting expert, but with a broad awareness of ecological and practical aspects of lighting and how it may relate to habitat management, bat biology and behaviour. He is a more-or-less active member of several Bat Groups (Oxon, Wilts, North Bucks, Warks, Fife & Kinross).

Andrew Bissell FSLL, President-Elect of the Society of Light and Lighting

Andrew is the Director of Lighting Design at Cundall, and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of lighting design. His focus is delivering integrated daylight and electric lighting design, that enhances people's lives and their perception of spaces while saving energy.

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