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CIBSE North West/YEN: Preventing Corrosion by Continuous Monitoring

22 September 2020 13:00 - 14:00


CPD Hours

CIBSE North West/YEN North West: Make it Right with Preventing Corrosion by Continuous Monitoring - Register Here

One thing is clear; where corrosion of precision carbon steel has been detected, the tube is not failing. If there is corrosion, then the system, installation or usage of that pipework was not correct in the first place.

BSRIA Guidance BG29/2020 6th Edition published in April with BG50 to follow now incorporate corrosion monitoring; so Real Time Monitoring and systematic Data Retrieval have never been in greater focus! Furthermore; appreciation of EN12828 in regards correct system hydronic control will significantly enhance corrosion control and an early notification of oxygen ingress will focus minds of all concerned to resolve these issues quickly before failure occurs.

The seminar discusses these issues, and describes how continuous monitoring of pipework systems can detect and reduce corrosion risk, and use the data to feedback into the design process. This event can be counted as 1 hours of CPD.

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