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CIBSE North East - Demand Response and its Comfort Implications in a Commercial

03 September 2019 18:30 - 20:30

The Event Space
University of Newcastle



CPD Hours

CIBSE North East: Demand Response and its Comfort Implications in a Commercial Building - Opportunities for Building Services Engineers



5:30-6:10pm Arrival and refreshments

6.10-6:30pm Urban Sciences Building tour

6:30-7:30pm Technical talk

Technical Talk Summary

The ageing electricity infrastructure in the UK and much of the developed world are undergoing radical changes that are driven by decarbonisation needs, renewable sources and operational reliability, support for electric heating and electric vehicles and increasing electrical storage integration. It would be impossible to accommodate all these changes without a greater emphasis on demand response (DR), where the consumers of electricity can modulate their own consumption in aid of grid operators to achieve ‘supply stability’.

This talk offers an examination of magnitude and duration of deferrable electrical loads in Newcastle University’s Urban Science Building over a complete annual cycle. As a pre-requisite, the boundaries of human visual and thermal comfort are defined by consulting scientific literature and professional guides to determine the acceptable DR magnitude and duration for all deferrable sub-categories of electrical loads. Elements of building electrical duties that can successfully provide DR capabilities are quantified and variations across seasonal cycles are discussed. Finally the implication and consideration for the control philosophy within modern building management systems (BMS), and the opportunities for Building Services Engineers are discussed.

This event will be hosted in Urban Science Building’s Event Space and includes a tour of the building.


1-Dr Sara Walker: currently Director of Expertise for Infrastructure Research in the School of Engineering. Sara’s research has been and continues to focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the building scale, and techno-regularity assessments of the UK electricity sector.

2-Dr Mohammad Royapoor: currently a Research Associate at Newcastle University and a Chartered Engineer. Mohammad has been involved with building and HVAC modelling both in design and research capacities.

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