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ANZ Region: SA - Indoor Environmental Quality - Healthy Buildings

14 September 2017 17:00 - 20:00

The British Hotel, 58 Finniss Street, North Adelaide
58 Finniss Street
North Adelaide


CPD Hours

We spend up to 90% of our time in buildings and the environments we occupy can have a significant impact on our health. An introduction to the WELL Building Standard, using Cundall's own office space in London as a case study (the first WELL Certified project in Europe), will be provided. Focus will be on key learning throughout the certification process, costs to implement the WELL requirements and the benefits that are being seen by Cundall’s staff; including results of post-occupancy surveys and monitoring.
QED are Indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists, and are the only NATA accredited IAQ providers in Australia. IAQ in office space has a high impact on user comfort and productivity. Within the more complex healthcare environment, IAQ is of even greater importance as it can impact on the health of patients. QED have developed risk management systems that evaluate the total IAQ within both commercial and healthcare buildings, and which enhances occupant safety, health and productivity

Speakers: Nick Stokoe, Associate at Cundall AND Sarah Bailey, Senior Consultant at QED Environmental Services

Sponsor:  IHEA (Institute of Healthcare Engineers Aust.)

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