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Yorkshire Region: AGM and District Heating Modelling CPD

26 April 2017 18:00 - 20:30

East Street


CPD Hours
Following on from our CPD sessions last year looking at Ground Source and Water Source energy, Glyn Adicott, Operations Director from Hydraulic Analysis Limited contacted us to see if we would be interested in hearing from them.
The presentation will discuss the hydraulic and thermal design of heat networks together with the control system optimisation to maximise efficiency. It will include guidance on best design practices, critical areas and lessons learnt. A case study will be presented on the Gateshead heat network which was designed in 2015 and commissioned in early 2016. Hydraulic Analysis Limited themselves are based in Leeds and are a world leader in pipeline hydraulic design, surge analysis and modelling of heat transfer systems. Established in 1973 and operating globally, over 8,000 projects have been completed to date by a large team of highly experienced engineers. The heat network, energy centres, building pipework and heat exchangers along with complex pressure, flow and temperature controllers can be included in our specialist simulation software, to ensure that the pumps and valves respond in a virtual environment as they will on the actual system. Pipe diameter / material sizing, pump selection, control valve selection and high level optioneering e.g. assessing whether a ring main is beneficial and pipe material / diameter optimisation can also be included to fully determine system efficiency.
We are being kindly hosted by Craig Havenhand and the Arup Leeds team and we are hoping to have a buffet provided by The Real Junk Food Project.
If you like to tweet, or are unable to attend, but still be involved, follow #YCIBSE on the night.

Glyn Adicott an Operations Director from Hydraulic Analysis Limited

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