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DE8: Project Information Requirements

Key Areas
Course Content
Learning Outcomes
Who Should Attend
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Key Areas 

This course covers the topic of Project Information Requirements (PIR) logic and use. It covers areas including general principles, standards which define PIR use, the sections within a PIR and how the document may be used in asset creation and information exchange scenarios.

This training is worth 2 hours of CPD Training

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Scope
  • Pas 1192-2
  • General Principles
  • Use of PIR
    • ​Who's Asking?
    • Actual Digital Questions
    • Plain Language Answers
    • Actual Digital answers
  • Formulating the Questions
    • Formulating Questions in Plain Language
    • Formulating Digital Questions
  • Formulating the Answers
    • Formulating Answers in Plain Language
    • Formulating Digital Answers
      • Numbers
      • Integers
      • Lists
      • Ranges
      • Text
      • Booleans
      • Matrices
      • Enumerations
      • Documents
  • PIR Templates
  • Conclustion

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding the purpose of PIRs
  • Ability to understand and use a PIR
  • Advise on the structure and functionality of a PIR

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is required to create or use a PIR

Recommended Prior Knowledge 

PAS 1192-2, PAS 1192-3

How to Book 

Purchase the individual course online - COMING SOON!

For mulitple courses or bulk purchases please email

Course Fees 

  • Members: £36 (£43.20 inc VAT)
  • Non-Members: £40 (£48 inc VAT)

Programmes of Learning 

Packages of learning for the full BIM programme 

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