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DE6: Security Requirements

Key Areas
Course Content
Learning Outcomes
Who Should Attend
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Key Areas 

This course covers the topic of Security Requirements logic and use. It covers areas including general principles, standards which define security-minded design and the processes by which these standards should be applied. It also looks at cyber-security more generally and how this relates to the building services engineer.

This training is worth 2 hours of CPD Training


Course Content

  • General principles
  • Built Asset Security
  • Security manager
  • Built Asset Security Strategy
  • Built Asset Security Management Plan
  • Personnel aspects
  • Process aspects
  • Physical aspects
  • Technical aspects
  • Project logistical security requirements
  • Provision of data or information to third parties
  • Public access to information
  • Public presentations
  • Managing accountability and responsibility for security
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Review of the BASMP
  • Security Breach/Incident Management Plan
  • Risk assessment of the potential risks in the event of a security breach or incident
  • Risk mitigation
  • The review process
  • Review of the SB/IMP
  • Built Asset Security Information Requirements
  • Working with suppliers
  • Asset management
  • Common Data Environments
  • Setup
  • Access
  • Training and awareness
  • Technical integrity
  • Cyber security
  • Building Management Systems
  • Smart Meters
  • Web-enabled Devices
  • Internet of Things
  • Security and building regulations
  • Questions for the IT Department
  • Boundaries
  • Connectivity
  • Cooperation and coordination
  • Advice for behaviour
  • Updates and maintenance
  • Firewalls between connections
  • Air gaps
  • Intelligence and surveillance
  • Server locations
  • Dealing with the aftermath 
  • Continuity planning
  • Data recovery
  • Public relations
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding security-minded design
  • Understanding cyber-security principles and issues
  • Understanding how to manage security situations

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is required to work on security sensitive projects.

Recommended Prior Knowledge 

PAS 1192-2, PAS 1192-5

How to Book 

Purchase the individual course online - buy now

For mulitple courses or bulk purchases please email


Course Fees 

  • Members: £36 (£43.20 inc VAT)
  • Non-Members: £40 (£48 inc VAT)


Programmes of Learning 

Packages of learning for the full BIM programme 

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