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Electrical Services Courses

High quality electrical building services are essential for the modern world to operate. To help you meet that demand, CIBSE Training have the perfect suite of courses to introduce you to, or refresh and develop your existing knowledge in, electrical services. 


Electrical Services Explained

Online Live | Days: 3 | CPD hours: 18

This three day course will give you a grounding in electrical services and equipment and a better appreciation of many of the issues associated with the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. Delegates will develop their own engineering judgement and confidence when dealing with electrical issues. 


Electrical Services Overview

Online Live | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

This is a practical course and is focused on understanding the principals of the subject matter which is explained in clear English in simple terms, so that you can apply what you have learnt and better understand the subject matter and design the services yourself, in compliance with the relevant regulations and codes of practice. 

Electrical Distribution Design

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

This course focuses on design techniques and simple to use spreadsheets for systems design encompassing UPS, LV switchgear, transformer / generator change-over control, air circuit breakers, watchdog circuitry and new technology. 

IET Wiring Regulations (18th Edition)  

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

This course offers a "guided tour" of BS 76712:2008 incorporating amendment no. 1 2011 and provides information on the background, the history and some of the theoretical concepts behind the standard. The course deals with each part of the regulations section by section, describing key of interest, importance or debate. 

Emergency Lighting to Comply with Fire Safety

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

The course covers use of current standards to demonstrate compliance with fire safety legislation. It describes design techniques, installation procedures and testing requirements. Details are given of the guidance now provided in BS 5266-10, to assist engineers to produce appropriate systems that can demonstrate compliance with the Fire Safety Order covering emergency lighting, not only for evacuation but to safeguard occupants who have to perform safety related duties in a lighting supply failure.


Earthing and Bonding Systems

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

Vital for the safety and correct function of all information technology equipment. This course offers a practical explanation of earthing and bonding systems illustrated with example.


Power System Harmonics

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

Modern complex electrical loads like electronic motor control, rectifier plants, IT equipment etc, produce considerable harmonics with probable consequential system damage. This course details the causes, effects and mitigation.


Standby Diesel Generator 

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

This course details the design techniques for the selection and sizing diesel generators for low voltage distribution systems including fault level analysis, selection of alternators / governors, selection of circuit breakers etc.


Practical Approach to LV Fault Level Analysis

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

Basic concepts; trend in higher fault levels; calculation methods; generator decrement curves; sizing equipment for fault levels; European fault classification; required fault levels. 

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