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DE1: Pre-qualification Questionnaires

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The Digital Engineering Series is a growing portfolio. It has nine parts, each module consisting of two hours’ worth of content. These courses are for those involved in all stages of a project: engagement, design, construction, handover, and use of a constructed asset. 2 Hours CPD.

These Digital Engineering Series modules reflect the contents of the BS and PAS 1192 series. These have now been largely superseded by the ISO 19650 series. However, the processes and procedures remain the same, even if some of their names have changed. For better understanding of these changes, please refer to PD 19650-0, which covers the transition from the “1192 series” to the ISO 19650 series.

Course Structure

Pre-qualification is now an integral part of seeking new contracts and ensuring that those that are bidding for work are competent, capable and have the capacity to perform the tasks asked of them.

Traditionally, a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) was a bespoke form sent by the prospective Employer or their representative to the bidders. This takes time and resources to complete on a project by project basis, so PAS 91 was written to streamline this. The purpose of completing a PAS 91 compliant questionnaire is to compile all the data that is necessary to answer the relevant questions an Employer may ask. This is done once and once only, until the data needs to be revised, thus saving the bidding company time and money on future project bids.

This course is intended to help suppliers of Building Services and their prospective Employers to understand the process, what is relevant and what is not and how to write a questionnaire and how to answer it. This course should be read and completed in conjunction with the PAS and the CIBSE publication DE1 - Pre-qualification Questionnaires. Writing, responding to and general understanding of pre-qualification questionnaires.

Make your way through this course at your own pace with the following:  

  • DE1: Pre-qualification Questionnaires Topics
  • Additional Resources
  • Activity Pages
  • CPD Certificate on completion

This course covers: 

  • Supplier identity
  • Financial information
  • Business and professional standing
  • Health and safety policy
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Equal opportunity and diversity  
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management
  • Building information modelling 


Anyone who commissions, creates or responds to pre-qualification questionnaires.  

Learning Outcomes 

Ability to write or respond to pre-qualification questionnaires.

Course Fees 

  • CIBSE Member Rate: £34 + VAT
  • Standard Rate: £40 + VAT

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