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Lighting Design: Principles & Application

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Key Areas 
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Upcoming Courses 

11th December 2019 | London - Find out more

Key Areas 

  • Light, vision & colour review
  • Principles of lighting design
  • Design aspirations
  • Design considerations
  • Calculation principles
  • Application toolbox: Lamps, luminaires & controls

Course Content

The course will explain the principles behind the process of the art and science of lighting design, the ethos behind good lighting and how to deliver sustainable solutions though design and use of appropriate lamps, luminaires and controls.

Session 1

Light, vision & colour review: a review of the fundamentals of light, vision & colour. The course assumes some basic knowledge of these areas but a review will set the scene for the rest of the course content. A complete understanding in this subject area is crucial to understanding the application of lighting design.

Session 2

Principles of lighting design: the first principles of lighting design; why and how we apply light and how we design lighting for people.

Design aspirations: the desirable outcomes of lighting design application; what we aspire to achieve through good lighting design and how we can achieve it.

Session 3

Design considerations: the factors which influence our decision making in lighting design that may prevent us from achieving the aspiration goals. The art of ensuring that the drivers behind these criteria are satisfied without compromising the design.

Calculation principles: Lumen method calculation. The principles behind this basic calculation methodology and how it can be used within lighting design application.

Session 4 

Application toolbox: utilising all of the tools available to lighting designers (lamps, luminaires & controls) to find optimum application solutions. This section will include a hands-on application exercise which draws together all of the course components

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the principles behind good lighting design
  • Develop a design solution meeting the needs of everyone involved in the process
  • Develop sustainable lighting solutions based on the application
  • Perform hand calculations to determine the quantity of luminaires required
  • Select appropriate lamps, luminaires & controls for the application

Course Timings 

Registration will be at 09.30
Start Time: 10.00
Latest Finish: 17.00

Course Fees 

  • Members Rate: £336 (£280 ex VAT)
  • Standard Rate: £372 (£310 ex VAT)


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