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Emergency Lighting to Comply with Fire Safety

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Upcoming Courses 

4th October 2019 | London - Find out more

Key Areas 

  • An outline of the relevant legislation and the way it is applied
  • Explanation of the hierarchy and relationship of emergency lighting standards
  • System design to comply with BS 5266-1 and an explanation of forthcoming changes
  • System testing procedures including automatic testing to BS EN 62034
  • Details of the requirements of luminaire product standard BS EN 60598-2-22
  • Explanation of the product requirements for centrally powered systems in BS EN 50171

Course Content

The course covers use of current standards to demonstrate compliance with fire safety legislation. It describes design techniques, installation procedures and testing requirements. Details are given of the guidance now provided in BS 5266-10, to assist engineers to produce appropriate systems that can demonstrate compliance with the Fire Safety Order covering emergency lighting, not only for evacuation but to safeguard occupants who have to perform safety related duties in a lighting supply failure.

To assure participants are appropriately trained in line with BAFE Scheme SP203 Part 4, the course includes a short questionnaire at the end of each of the 4 sections, ensuring delegates are assessed as a competent person to BAFE SP203 standard to carry out works in this area.

Session 1 - Emergency lighting legislation
  • The Workplace Directive and enforcing legislation in the UK
  • The Construction Products Directive and relevant UK legislation
  • The Signs Directive and likely changes to its format
  • Establishing the appropriate requirements for specific installations
  • Details of the relevant applicable standards

10 minute questionnaire to BAFE third party assessment standard

Session 2 - System design to the Code of Practice BS 5266-1
  • Details and checklist of information required before design commences
  • Location and requirements for exit signs
  • Location of luminaires at points of emphasis
  • Calculation and design of minimum light levels on escape routes and open areas
  • Application requirements covering the interface with normal lighting systems

10 minute questionnaire to BAFE third party assessment standard

Session 3 - Luminaire and testing product standards
  • Automatic Testing systems to BS EN 62034
  • Definitions and requirements for emergency luminaires
  • Details of charging techniques for self contained emergency luminaires
  • Battery types and their system implications
  • Other component requirements and their functions

10 minute questionnaire to BAFE third party assessment standard

Session 4 - Centrally powered emergency lighting systems
  • System types and their applications
  • Appropriate system controls and their interfaces
  • Requirements for batteries chargers and changeover devices 
  • Centrally powered inverter systems
  • System indicators and documentation

10 minute questionnaire to BAFE third party assessment standard

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of the legislation and the interface with other fire safety systems
  • To be able to correctly locate the size and type of exit signs needed
  • To locate emergency luminaires to illuminate points of emphasis 
  • To design systems meeting the light level requirements for escape routes and open areas
  • To be able to provide designs for high risk task areas
  • To understand the performance of automatic testing, luminaires and central systems
  • Provide appropriate completion and testing documentation for the system

Course Timings 

Registration and coffee will be at 09.30
Start Time: 10.00
Latest Finish: 17.00

Course Fees 

  • Members Rate: £336 (£280 ex VAT)
  • Standard Rate: £372 (£310 ex VAT)

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