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Lighting Directory

Directory of Lighting Consultants

The Society of Light and Lighting is frequently asked to provide suitable names of lighting consultants so has compiled a Directory of Lighting Consultants listed below.  Click on the company name and then on the SLL Consultant name within the company description for details of their expertise.

All practices in The Directory have at least one Lighting Diploma holder employed at the address shown.  The Diploma holder is a member of The Society of Light and Lighting, part of CIBSE, but need not be a partner, director or associate of the practice.

Click here for more information on applying for the SLL Lighting Diploma.

Please note that the information given is as presented to the Society; The Society of Light and Lighting cannot comment on or guarantee the suitability of firms for particular types of work. 

 Michael Barham CEng MCIBSE MSLL

Illuminous Consulting Ltd.

 Martin Bell CEng MCIBSE MSLL 


 Roger Gardner CEng FCIBSE FSLL

Lighting Services Inc.

 Colin Hoare CEng MCIBSE MSLL

C J Design Partnership

 Florence Lam CEng FCIBSE FSLL


 Iain Macrae CEng MCIBSE FSLL

Iain Macrae

 James Miles MSLL

Kingfisher Lighting

  Nigel Monaghan FSLL

Luminous Solutions Lighting Consultancy 

 Paul Ruffles CEng FCIBSE Hon. FSLL

Lighting Design & Technology

 Jonathan Rush FSLL

Hoare Lea


Alan Tulla Lighting

If you have any questions or if you would like to find out more about the Society of Light and Lighting, please contact or telephone +44 (0) 208 772 3685.