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NW activities pre-YEN (2008-2011)

Some events which occured in the North West prior to the formation of YEN NW in July 2011 are shown below.

29/6/11 NW Committee meeting, BDP

11/5/11 NW AGM, SKM

11/4/11 NW Committee meeting, SKM

April 2011 SLL Light Therapy

March 2011 NW Part L Consultation Ant Wilson AECOM

March 2011 NW Presidential Address Rob Manning AECOM

21/2/11 NW Committee meeting, SKM

31/8/10 NW Committee meeting, SKM

16/4/10 NW Annual Dinner, Midland Hotel

2/12/09 NW Natural Vent Seminar, Renold Building

14/10/09 NW ASHRAE Presidential Visit, Manc Uni conference centre

10/12/08 NW Professional Registration, Renold Building