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YEN East Anglia Committee

Introducing the CIBSE YEN East Anglia Centre Committee for 2014/2015. Please feel free to make contact any of the committee members should you wish to know more about YEN and their activities within East Anglia.

Chair: Rob Settle

Vice Chair: James Smith

I first got involved in CIBSE to meet new people and to be more involved in our exciting industry.
Being on the committee helped during my last years of my engineering degree, as I was able to bounce ideas off my YEN colleagues and obtain advice.
I enjoy attending and helping organise our interesting workshops and tours, and offering advice to potential young engineers as they make their first steps into the industry.
To me personally, being involved in new technologies and energy efficiency are the most important things as a young engineer.

Committee Member: Andrew Bott

‘I think being a part of CIBSE is essential because it helps to keep me up to date with industry developments and is a great way to meet and communicate with other engineers. I am particularly eager to help new young engineers find a path into the industry and I believe being joining YEN is the best way to develop contacts when starting a career in building services.’

Committee Member: Karen Settle

Committee Member: Rebecca Walpole

Committee Member: Jonathan Page

'I started getting involved with the CIBSE YEN East Anglia committee two years ago. Being a member gave me the opportunity to meet new people, get involved with local and national events for promoting Building Services Engineering and strengthen my professional development.'