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PDT Terms of Use

  1. CIBSE has developed the  concept of Product Data Templates (PDTs).
  2. The PDT samples and all further PDTs for listed building services products produced are CIBSE copyright (PDTs for other product types are not covered by CIBSE copyright. CIBSE encourages other construction sectors to develop PDTs relevant to their scope).  
  3. CIBSE intends to publish all approved building services PDTs on
  4. CIBSE grants you a permanent non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to download and copy its PDTs to inspect, to use in defining your data requirements, to trial and to create Product Data Sheets (PDS) on the conditions that:
  • You always show CIBSE’s logo and acknowledge its copyright in all uses of its PDTs
  • No liability for your use of any of its PDT attaches to CIBSE or any involved in developing, preparing, testing or other activity connected with them.
  • You do not amend or alter the PDT format and fields  published by CIBSE in any circumstance – other than by adding product data to the ‘value’ column of a download to create a PDS.
  • [The sole purpose of PDTs is to create one cross-industry standard for product data. So other versions of building services PDTs  are NOT permissible.]
  • You are free to create, use, copy and publish your PDSs and to licence equivalent use of them by others.
  • You agree as soon as practicable to update your PDS(s) to match any revised PDT(s) published by CIBSE on BIMtalk
  1.  You, preferably with your association or with its consent, are encouraged to work with CIBSE to develop PDTs for further product types in the building services range, subject to the following conditions:  
  • Prior to starting, you notify CIBSE using the email link on to obtain a developer PDT registration (to help CIBSE manage the process and avoid duplication) 
  • You agree a time table with CIBSE for preparing the draft   
  • You submit your completed draft PDT to CIBSE for approval.
  • You agree, on CIBSE’s approval, to gift the PDT unconditionally to CIBSE.
  • CIBSE as exclusive owner of the PDT (with all others), offers it for use as above. 
  • You are clearly acknowledged as the developer(s) of the approved version.
  • You notify CIBSE if you are unable to provide the draft PDT in accordance with the agreed timetable. You and CIBSE try to agree a solution and a new deadline.
  • If no solution is agreed or if a new deadline is exceeded, you agreed that CIBSE may revoke your developer registration and give the PDT development to another party.
  1. You advise CIBSE using the email link on of any amendments, enhancements or corrections you propose to any building services  PDT, setting out your reason(s).
  • CIBSE may consult on suggested changes.
  • CIBSE’s decision on whether (and when) to incorporate your proposals is final.  
  • Since the development of PDTs is a collective activity, individual contributors to their improvement are not acknowledged on published revisions.