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World Engineers Summit 2017

Applied Energy Symposium & Forum: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy
18 - 21 July, Suntec Singapore

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) was proud to host a CIBSE session under the Building track at the world Engineers Summit held in Singapore.

Organised by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore and the Applied Energy Innovation Institute, the summit drew more than 400 delegates with over 160 paper presentations from over 30 countries.

The theme “Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy” is an important topic following the Paris Agreement. A sustainable economy requires drivers of change to share, collaborate and debate on engineering matters – not just to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but develop awareness and solutions that look beyond low carbon and into carbon neutral solutions. Therefore, affordable and scalable energy solutions, micro to macro infrastructure design, district to urban township planning all have an integral part towards a sustainable future.

During the CIBSE session, Peter Bull of Arup delivered his keynote presentation on “Drivers of Change for Building Services Engineers”, followed by Tom Gwyn and Ricardo Moreira from XCO2, who put forward their paper presentations.

Recognising the importance of CIBSE and the work of our members in today’s environment, this is an important participation where we are able to play our part and share our experiences in the built environment.

Hsieh-Min Loy, CIBSE Singapore Country Representative

Tom Gwyn, XCO2

Ricardo Moreira, XCO2

Keynote Speaker Peter Bull, Arup, is presented with a token of appreciation.