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Past Events

The Region strive to arrange a varied and interesting schedule of events across the year. Recent events held in the North West include:


Integrating Heat Pumps into Heat Networks 08/12/20

Using Web-based Simulation for Modelling the Built Environment 06/05/20

Trend - Introduction to BMS 05/03/20

SLL LG19 Lighting for Extreme Condition 27/02/20

ACV - Principles and Sizing of DHW 26/02/20

SLL Light Bites 30/01/20

Sealed System Bacterial Control 15/01/20


Introduction to Microgrids 05/12/19

SLL The Perfect Light and the Perfect Light Experience 19/11/19

Patrons 40th Anniversary Social 25/10/19

Lighting and WELL Building Standards 24/10/19

Equal Engineers Careers Fair 18/10/19

Smart Grids for Hospitals 09/10/19

Odour and Smoke Control Solutions 03/10/19

IHEEM Conference SoPHE Stand 08-09/10/19

Society of Facade Engineers (NW Launch) 26/09/19

Brita Event 18/09/19

Summer BBQ 28/08/19

Membership Briefing 04/07/19

Drone Surveys 05/06/19

SLL - The Red Colour Shift 23/05/19

SoPHE Dinner 10/05/19

Kitchen Ventilation 03/04/19

Lighting Academy on the history of Light and Health 19/03/19

18th Edition Wiring Refulations Update 28/02/19

CIBSE North West Dinner 25/01/19


Risk Management with Grooved Solution Couplings 21/11/18

SPECIFI Event 04/07/18

Aluminium Multi-Layer Pressfit Systems 18/07/18

Combined Heat & Power in Commercial Buildings 19/09/18

Talk on circadian disruption & lighting to the WELL standard 03/10/18

Calor Gas CPD preseantation on LPG and LNG vs other fuels 18/10/18
This joint event with SPECIFI Manchester looked at future technologies in Building Services. YEN Were there during the event to give out information of activities that CIBSE do in the North West


Interpro Social 06/06/18
We joined over 10 other institutions (RTPI, Manchester Architects, RICS, RIBA, ICE, CIOB, IHBC, IStructE, CIHT, CILT, TPS and IoA) to see Talbot Mill before restoration and to celebrate with Capital and Centric.

SoPHE NW Dinner 11/05/18

New Lighting Guide 10/05/18

Launch of TM60: Good Practice in the Design of Homes 24/04/18
This talk discussed the ambitious UK targets for both delivering new housing, and retrofitting our existing housing. It looked at how out industry needs to ensure current and future housing is safe, fit for purpose, resource efficient, low carbon, comfortable, healthy and easy to operate. The presentation was back up with perspectives from a house builder as well as the local authority.


BREXIT Event 23/04/18
An event that looked at the Brexit effect and look into the construction crystall ball as to now the North West will fair in the lead up to March 2019 and beyond.Talks included perspectives from Dr Hywel Davies (CIBSE Technical Director), David Jones (National Vice Chair at the Forum for the Built Environment) and Alex Davies (Research Analyst at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce).

Collaborate NW Social 02/03/18

Archetypes of Night 01/03/18

CIBSE Guide E Update: Fire Dynamics and Smoke Ventilation 28/02/18
A presentation highlighting the main changes to Chapter 6 and Chapter 10 in the latest update of CIBSE Guide E. Roger Harrison (Fire Dynamics) and Gary Daniels (Smoke Ventilation) gave a well received brief overview.

DIALux evo Lighting Software 08/02/18
Building orientated lighting design using DIALux evo for planning of complex architecture and whole buildings. This engaging presentation was by Friedrich W. Bremecker.


CIBSE NW Dinner 26/01/18
A relaunch of the CIBSE NW Dinner at The Midland Hotel went down a storm. The evening included a presentation from Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, good food and good company! A big thank you to all that came and heres to next year.


CHP Presentation 17/01/18


Refrigerants and refrigerant applications 01/11/17
A look at the history, chemistry, properties and applications of refrigerants. How has the use of refrigerants changed? What is the future of refrigerants? How will they affect our future?

Strategies for Net Zero Hospitals in the UK 26/09/17
The UK has committed to low carbon targets, 80% reduction by 2050. This presentation look at how hospitals can become "Net Zero". 

Architectural and Media Façades based on LG6 19/08/17

An exploration of design possibilities with architectural façade lighting and the application and opportunities for dynamic lighting in architectural design. It covered the definition of LED technology and where it sits in the lighting industry and considerations for specifying a good quality LED system.

Lighting more Psychology and Art than Science? 26/06/17
Henrik Clausen, Director of Fagerhult's Lighting Academy in Copenhagen came and presented on how lighting affects many aspects of our lives from the psychology of lighting to our emotional well-being. Significant reductions are being made in energy use in lighting schemes. However, it's not simply a case of making the switch; visual comfort, lighting quality and how people feel all have to be considered. Henrick explored the theory, research and application behind how you can have the best of both worlds, energy efficiency within a space which helps people feel good and perform better.

A technical review of loading units for the design of domestic water systems 25/05/17
A look at domestic water pipe sizing and the reliability of the traditional demand assessment system Loading Units. A look at how the water efficiencies have changed and how this has lead to an over-estimation of design flows.

International Young Engineers Network Conference 12/05/17-14/05/17

An introduction to 3D printing, laser scanning and augmented reality for building services 27/04/17
A visit to Hobs Studio and how there facilities can help the building services sector. An exploration of 3D printing, laser scanning and augmented reality.

CIBSE Guide L and ASHRAE Sustainability Standard update 14/03/17
A review of the current CIBSE Sustainability Guide L and how it compares to ASHRAE Sustainability Standard 189 and other sustainability guides.

Mechanical Masterclass 02/03/17



Cold Climates/UCLAN student presentations 08/12/16
A look into how the ASHRAE document can be used on building design in cold climates. 

Membership Briefing 01/12/16
A look into what is needed for IEng and CEng applications with a look at the report writing and how to prepare for the interview.

WIBSE Unconscious Bias 22/11/16
A look at unconscious bias in the work base.

Winter Pro 18/11/16
The definitive winter networking social.

SOPHE Anti-Microbial Copper 16/11/16
What is Anti-microbial copper, how did it come about, what are the cost benefits and how it has been incorporated into taps.

SLL Computer Aided Daylight Planning 10/11/16

Measuring and calculating façade systems and skylights for computer aided daylight planning.

SFPE Use of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems as a Compensatory Feature 10/11/16
A look at the incorporation of automatic fire suppression systems in design.

Inter-professional networking 20/10/16
An inter-professional built environment networking event involving 14 institutions held in the newly refurbished London road Fire Station. A unique opportunity to experience the building prior to restoration.

SLL Dialux 11/10/16
DIALux Evo - a look into the software, regulations in lighting design and how to make energy savings and efficient lighting. A look at how DIALux can enable you to optimise energy consumption and how it displays costs, energy consumption and LENI values in real time.

Energy Storage Technologies 05/10/16
Energy Storage - the final piece of the jigsaw. Why energy storage is important in the shift towards renewable energy and a reduced carbon footprint. This covered storage methods, incentives, case studies and future opportunities.

BIM/Manchester Revit User Group 27/09/16
Presentations on digital engineering for Electrical and Mechanical Engineers looking at problems and solutions.

Embedding Acoustics into design 21/09/16
What causes noise, why is acoustics important, acoustic regulations and designing with acoustics in mind.

BIM Steering Group Launch 04/08/16
An introduction to the new NW regional CIBSE BIM Steering Group.

BIM Case Study 28/07/16
A case study on the delivery of the University of East Anglia utilising IFC for maintaining assets. Discussing client side benefits and issues that were encountered along the way.

A Guide to Water Pressure Booster sets 20/07/16
An introduction to water booster sets, applicable standards and selection and specification of equipment.

Smart Grids 07/07/16
A presentation on smart grids, why they are important, how they link in with other sustainable technologies and how they will affect the design in the future.

Interview Surgery 06/07/16
An expert interviewer goes through hints and tops of what is needed in the Engineering Practice Report and what to expect in the interview and application process for becoming IEng and CEng registered.

Digital Engineering 26/05/16
A presentation on the methods of using building information modelling (BIM) technology and practices to deliver electrical engineering design faster, more cost effectively, and more sustainably.

BIM Group 19/05/16

SOPHE Event 18/05/16

LED Lighting Technology 25/04/17
A look into efficancy, power density, longevity and light quality improvements with a showcase of early applications of LED technology, stand-out installations and smart buildings of the future.

YEN Hong Kong Global Conference Report 24/03/16
CIBSE YEN NW Chair Patrick Nichools reports on the findings of the findings for his and Vice Chair Colin Lehane's time at the November 2015 CIBSE YEN Global Conference held in Hong Kong and Macau. An evening of extraordinary skyscrapers, unbelievable plantrooms and difference in legislation and design approaches.

Developments in thermostatic control for the minimisation of legionella 16/03/16
A discussion of the design and delivery of a system to preserve potable water hygiene on large projects, how to monitor water temperatures and draw-off cycles and electronic monitoring and recording to detect and correct water stagnation.

CIBSE Guide A Launch 18/02/16
A presentation on the new edition of CIBSE Guide A focusing on Chapter 2 (External Design Data) and Chapter 5 (Thermal Design, Plant Sizing and Energy Conservation).

Chartered Engineer Workshop 21/01/16

Continuous flow water heating as an innovative method of satisfying regulatory & energy demands 20/01/16
A looking into Legionella, guidelines and requirements for continuous flow heating and automatic pasteurisation of systems.

Smart Cities/District Heating 12/01/16
How will we redesign the energy systems of our cities so they are ready for a low carbon future? Should decarbonisation be driven by district heating networks or should homes of the future be heated electrically and connect to a smarter grid system? An evening of debating through these topics.