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North West Committee

Introducing the CIBSE North West Regional Committee for 2019-20.  Please feel free to contact any of the committee members should you wish to know more about CIBSE and their activities within the North West.

CIBSE NW Position Held Name
Chair: Will Harrop
Vice Chair: David Glover
Hons Secretary: Jemma Halliwell
Hons Treasurer: George Papachristou
Preston Centre Chair: Frank Mills
SoPHE Representative: Malcolm Atherton
SLL Representative: Katerina Konsta
WiBSE Representative: Laura Dunlop
Education and Careers Champion: Ryan Beagan
Social Secretary: Matthew Lowe
Other Committee members:

Salford University Liaison

David Dowdle
CIBSE YEN NW Position Held Name
Chair Jake Lenahan
Co-Vice Chair Jemma Halliwell
Hons Secretary Kirsten Ross
Events Co-odrinator Laura Whatmough
Education Liaison Christina Birch

General Committee Members:
Marco Olivier, Elliot Quinn, Dan Lowe

If you would like to join either of the committees please contact Will Harrop on