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Diversity and Inclusion

CIBSE North West actively encourages inclusivity. Regions, as a whole, represent all CIBSE Members. The Region is aware that discrimination can still occur, which impairs participation and as such we have a unique role in promoting diverse experience and perspectives within its community - members and the wider public.

CIBSE North West seeks to deliver cohesion and co-operation throughout the Region’s events, its governance and the Region’s connections. It will continue to benefit in attracting diverse knowledge and talent. It will continue to support its own development and help the full breadth of its membership and the public make deeper connections at the Region’s events.


To pursue these aims, CIBSE North West will continue to actively support equal opportunities for volunteers, for speakers, attendees and any other contributors. It will continue to promote open elections and co-option, and seek to ensure that no volunteer, contributor or participant is dissuaded or treated any less favourably as a direct or indirect result of discrimination. The Region will continue to design a range of activities which engage the full spectrum of members and also the wider public. It will seek to spread this sentiment throughout the Region and through connections with other organisations.