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Past Events

Below is a list of some past events that have been held by the Upper Canada Chapter. Click on the links below to view details on each event.

Gender Bias in the AEC Industry - 15 May 2017

Fiona Cousins CEng FCIBSE, Arup (Speaker)

The CIBSE Upper Canada and ASHRAE Toronto chapters held a joint evening event on May 15, 2017, entitled ‘Gender Bias in the AEC Industry’ and attended by members of both chapters. Fiona Cousins FCIBSE, from Arup in New York, and Julia Keen FASHRAE, from Kansas State University, presented the challenges faced by women in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry both in the UK and North America.

This included discussions about retention in the building engineering and construction industry, common barriers for women employees, and tactics and strategies for women to succeed in construction.

The session was extremely thought-provoking, with a clear message that employers and the industry need to continue to improve to be able to attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce.  

Meet the incoming President - 10 April 2017

Peter Y Wong, the incoming CIBSE President, visited the Upper Canada Chapter in Toronto on the evening 10th April. Several industry heavyweights were in attendance and we were delighted to welcome four of the local ASHRAE chapter’s committee. The discussion was lively and free flowing, centering on a “state of the industry” discussion about building services globally and locally in Canada.

CIBSE President Peter Wong visiting the Upper Canada Chapter

As the world gets smaller two ecosystems of codes and standards survive- one North American derived, the other international and European derived. The desirability of further convergence was noted, whilst acknowledging that there will always be difficulties. Canada is part of the North American ecosystem, and ASHRAE is the giant in authoring standards for building services therein. Members of the CIBSE chapter would be happy to contribute alongside ASHRAE in Canada.

One strength of CIBSE that was discussed is in integration of building services- the complex chilled beam which integrates lighting, cooling, control and potentially fire safety and security was cited- a building services engineer would be competent to design/ specify/ manufacture such a thing, whereas it would require several individual, traditional disciplines coordinating together without this approach.

CIBSE members also have experience in natural ventilation/ passive design, something that is of limited application in the huge ambient temperature swing in Ontario but could be ideal for Metro Vancouver.

The Upper Canada Chapters next event is on the 15th May also in Toronto, and will be held jointly with ASHRAE as part of the ongoing celebrations of 40 years of successful partnership.

Tour of PCL’s Modular Construction Plant - 26 April 2016

CIBSE members and friends pictured at PCL Agile's modular construction plant in Mississauga
Upper Canada Chapter tours the PCL Modular Construction Plant