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Name: Nathan Jones, Joint Chair
General: Building Services Engineer at Kier Construction
Like: Passive design, Collaboration, Innovation, Intellect and Good food
Dislike: Wastefulness, Complacency, "Because that’s how we’ve always done it" and rush hour

Name: Rossella Perniola, Joint Chair and Joint Webmaster
General: Building Services Engineer at Scotch Partners 
Like: R3 (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and E3 (Energy, Environment, Economy)
Dislike: Energy waste, Pollution and Horror movies

: Konstantinos Tachtatzis, Vice Chair and Joint Webmaster
General: Mechanical Engineer at GBE Services London
Like: Quality Design of Sustainable Buildings, Greenery and Dogs
Dislike: Climate Change and Unproductiveness

: Oliver Lockhart, Secretary
General: Senior Performance Engineer at Hoare Lea
Like: Getting to the bottom of whybuildings underperform, Data & Cooking
Dislike: The tube during rush hour

Name: Saadia Ansari, Regional Officer, South-West
General: Sustainability Consultant at Verco
Like: Buildings designed for occupants, Indoor plants, Cats
Dislike: Bad metering, Cauliflower

: Hua Zhong, Regional Officer, East Midlands

Name: Alan Belton, Joint Events Lead
General: Specification Engineer at Nuaire
Like: Fans of course. Outside the box thinking and Family weekends including the dog.
Dislike: "We have always done it this way" mentality.

: Aadam Saheed, Events Lead
General: Aspiring Mechanical Engineer
Like: Sustainable development goals, Coffee
Dislike: Inaction towards climate change

: Tom Burton, Technical Officer
General: Graduate Engineer at Fairheat
Like: Low carbon heating, Efficient heat networks, Winter sports
Dislike: Open bypasses, Cycling boilers, Urban heat islands

: Ryan Harris, Technical Officer
General: Graduate Engineer at Fairheat
Like: Acceptance testing, Tight plant room control, Love island
Dislike: Residential overheating, Oversized plant room equipment, Not being on holiday

: Jennifer Elias, Liaison Officer
General: Senior Sustainability and Building Physics Engineer at Cundall
Like: Warm weather, the beach, low temperature VAV systems
Dislike: Overdesigned systems, skiing

: Nita Barnor, Social Media Lead
General: Building Services Engineer at XCO2
Like: Reading, singing and trying new food
Dislike: (slightly) scared of pigeons

: Farah Husayni, Committee Member
General: Sustainability Consultant at XCO2
Like: Parametric environmental design, passive design, nature, traveling and adventures
Dislike: Feat of change, delays and beans

Name: Konstantinos  Charalampidis, Committee Member
General: Electrical Engineer at Arup
Like: Daylighting, smart energy systems and renewable energy
Dislike: Energy inefficient buildings and feta cheese

Name: Maria Gkonou, Committee Member
General: Sustainability Manager at Redrow Homes
Like: Passive design, traditional architecture, sunshine, and chocolate
Dislike: Cities with limited green spaces, people who disrespect the environment and animals, earthquakes

: Angeliki Krania, Committee Member
General: Graduate Analyst at Cundall
Like: Innovative yet holistic solutions, human-centric design, traveling and cooked food.
Dislike: Redundant tasks, unnecessary meetings and buzzwords.

: Alexandra Kalymniou, Committee Member
General: Graduate Environmental Services Engineer at Arup
Like: Sustainable architecture, Smart cities, Public and Street art
Dislike: Overbuilt Cities, Coriander

: Nikos Goufas, Committee Member
General: Sustainability/Building Physics Engineer
Like: Low energy building design & smart energy systems
Dislike: Overheating in the office, “not in my back yard” attitude & traffic

Name: Renata Molnarova, Committee Member