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YEPG Events


CIBSE YEPG AGM 2022: 05/04/22

The CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group are holding our AGM and are looking to recruit new members to our committee, join us!

Over the last few years we have developed significant momentum, a large membership, and held some great events. As with every year, we’re open to new members joining us to contribute fresh ideas and help us continue the trend.

The AGM will be held in person at Cundall, London or you can join remotely via MS Teams. Please find out more information and sign up at our Evenbrite page. 


Utilisation of Digital Twin Technology to Enhance Building Performance: 31/03/22

CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group are pleased to invite you to our upcoming online event; "Utilisation of Digital Twin Technology to Enhance Building Performance"

Join us for a discussion around how digital twins can be integrated effectively into both the design and operational phases to optimise a buildings energy performance. This CPD will include actual case studies as well as software demos to show why digital twins are critical to improving the energy efficiency of the built environment.

The topics include:

  • Using digital twin technology (IES ICL suite) to design and integrate key elements of a smart energy network for large scale retrofits as part of energy performance contracts on university and public bulding estates.
  • Using digital twin technology during operational phases after large scale retrofits to support measurement and verification, performance commissioning and controls optimisation. Therefore ensuring energy reduction targets are achieved.
  • Improving the design, delivery and operation of heating and cooling systems in both buildings and heat networks through hydraulic system optimisation

The speakers are:

  • Tunde Olaoye, Sector Director of Smart Energy Systems at SSE Energy Solutions
  • Chris Davis, UK Sales Manager at Hysopt
  • Brian Vanheel, Sales Engineer at Hysopt

If you are interested in attending this event, please find out more information and sign up at our Evenbrite page. 

If you have any topics you would YEPG to cover in future discussions, podcasts and events. Please email them to [email protected]

More upcoming events will be announced both here and on our Eventbrite page. 



Carbon Bite Night Series 2021

1. Humidity control on Indoor spaces (27/10/21) - Given the recent pandemic, more attention has been shifted towards ventilation practices. However Humidity control in the built environment continues at times to be neglected. The three speakers discuss active and passive measures available, and the following topics: 

  • How can you save energy & cost?
  • How does Humidity affects indoor air quality, comfort & the spread of COVID-19 ?
  • Available technologies for Humidity control?

​Rossella Perniola + Dave Marshall-George + David Black
The slides for the event are available here: Humidity control on Indoor spaces

This was YEPG's first in-person event since the pandemic. Thanks to WSP for hosting!


2. Quality Assurance of Heat Networks (04.08.2021) - The recent update to CP1: Heat Network Code of Practice (CP1 2020) places a much larger focus on verification of heat network performance. To meet these requirements and support the decarbonisation of the sector, it is clear that the role of quality assurance will become more important during the design and delivery of new schemes. This discussion will aim to highlight the importance of heat networks quality assurance and demonstrate quality assurance processes. Our speakers will also discuss the impact of quality assurance of heat networks from a housing developer and mechanical contractor's perspective

Tom Burton + Paul Craig + Ivan Grahn + Ricky Stevens
The slides for the event are available here: CBN2-Quality-Assurance-of-Heat-Networks

1. Demand side response (17.05.2021) - Given that we are moving towards an electricity powered future to achieve Net Zero targets, can our current grids accommodate the emerging demand in electricity as well as the anticipated unpredictability from increased renewable generation? With the increased uptake of storage solutions as well as onsite generation, how can these be utilised and integrated with the grid to decrease electricity bills and better manage the peak electrical loads? Speakers at this carbon bite night discuss the topics above. 
Sam Do + David Watkin 
The slides for the event are available here: Demand side response

Joint Events

1. CIBSE HVAC/FM/YEPG - Innovation in Building Services (15/09/21)
CIBSE HVAC, FM and YEPG are pleased to invite you to our upcoming joint event; Innovation in Building Services. Join us for a panel discussion around all things innovation within the industry, from understanding why the industry may not have been more innovative than it is to how further innovations can help us achieve our future energy targets. Our panel will be made up on industry experts from design, performance, manufacturer and operation with the discussion being lead by members of CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group. The panellists are;
1. Dr Claire Das Bhaumik, Partner at Inkling LLP
2. Greg Langridge, Business Development Manager/Energy Optimisation – Digitalisation at Danfoss
3. Trevor Edwards, GB Business Manager at Greenville Electrical
4. Steve Tomkins, Head of Business Development at SFG20


Carbon Bite Night Series 2020

1. The role of 5DH in the UK's path to net zero (30.04.2020) - 5th generation district heating has gained a lot of attention in the UK industry recently, with improvements in technology and updates to key regulations driving the use of heat pumps. However, design philosophy and implementation of this technology remains unknown to many, as few 5DH networks are currently operational in the UK.
Bruce Geldard + Tom Naughton + Chris Davidson
Watch the video on youtube at YEPG Carbon Bite The Role of 5DH in the UK's Path to Net Zero
The slides for the event are available here: YEPG Carbon Bite The Role of 5DH in the UK's Path to Net Zero

2. Taking commercial offices to net zero carbon (01.05.2020) - The release of the LETI Climate Emergency Design Guide in January and the UK Green Building Council targets for Commercial Offices in April have put Net Zero Carbon front of place in commercial office design. But how do we actually go about delivering Net Zero Carbon commercial office buildings? In this event speakers discussed how to achieve Net Zero Carbon in design, operation, and retrofit of commercial assets.
Jennifer Elias + Khasha Mohammadian + Oliver Lockhart
Watch the video on youtube at Taking commercial offices to net zero carbon

3. The impact of DHW temperatures on energy performance (12.08.2020) -
 Domestic hot water (DHW) temperatures have long been a discussion point in the industry, due to the impact of this set point on resident comfort, energy performance and public health. As the industry focus moves towards electrically generated heat, the impact of DHW temperatures on energy performance becomes increasingly important, and there is increasing momentum to reduce these temperatures. In collaboration with the Society for Public Health Engineers, the three speakers discuss their experiences and expertise on the factors that influence DHW temperatures and current research that will help to shape the conversation going forwards.

Steve Vaughan + Jonathan Gaunt + Andrew Mackay
Watch the video on youtube at The impact of DHW temperatures on energy performance
The slides for the event are available here: The impact of DHW temperatures on energy performance

4. Design to mitigate overheating in the built environment (02.12.2020) 

CIBSE YEPG & EPG Joint Event

Net Zero Carbon: The Short and Long Term (23.01.2019) - Having declared a Climate Change emergency what do we do now? The Committee for Climate Change suggested that all new housing should be off the gas grid by 2025. If we wait until 2025 does that simply make the net zero by 2050 all the more difficult? What practical steps should be taken in the short term and what will happen in the long term? The Energy Performance Group has assembled a top team of speakers including an Architect, an Engineer and a Developer to consider what concrete steps can be taken in the short term to address this issue. The Young Energy Performance Group have done something similar but focused on the longer term issues.

Carbon Bite Night Series 2019

1. Carbon Bite Night 2019 (22.05.2019) - We have discussed the GLA updates on carbon factors and their impact on design for new residential developments.

2. The challenges and the future of district heating in the UK (03.07.2019) - Our speakers have drawn on their experience in the heat network industry and spoken about the challenges that they have faced. 

3. The future of heat pumps (07.06.2019) - With the carbon factor related to electricity dropping considerably, lots of new developments are considering heat pumps as a key aspect for the energy strategy. For this reason, we have explored different solutions for heating and hot water generation, focusing the conversation on the energy efficiency and some critical aspects of the technologies presented.

Carbon Bite Night Series 2018

1. It's All in the Detail: Achieving the Passivhaus Standard (London) (09.05.2018) - The event has offered an introduction to the Passivhaus standard and an overview of all concepts & criteria and presented two case studies that have been recently completed - both of which won the CIBSE Building Performance Award in 2018. 
Christian Dimbleby + Will South + Khasha Mohammadian
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN 1 It's All in the Detail: Achieving the Passivhaus Standard

2. Integrated Building Design - Parametric Modelling (London) (07.06.2018) - An opportunity to hear the opinion of industry experts speaking about the importance of an integrated approach to building design and how Digital Design with parametric modelling is helping to achieve intelligent, smarter and efficient buildings. 

Herman Calleja + Ines Idzikowski + Buro Happold SMART Space team
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN 2 Integrated Building Design - Parametric Modelling

3. Hydrogen as a Fuel for Buildings (London) (13.06.2018) - The CIBSE YEPG has organised an evening of interactive discussions and presentations on Hydrogen and its use in buildings.
The event introduced hydrogen and its current position in energy infrastructure and presented a case study of its application in buildings.

Dr. Stephen Carr, + Bill Ireland
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN 3 Hydrogen as a Fuel for Buildings

4. Post Occupancy Evaluation: Is It All about the Energy? (Bristol) (18.07.2018) - The CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group and YEN South West joined in a collaborative regional Carbon Bite Night in Bristol. The event was focused around the topic of Post Occupancy Evaluation with our speakers questioning whether too much emphasis is placed on energy performance over occupant satisfaction and wellbeing. As well as a general background to POE and its challenges, some case studies will also be presented of its application in buildings, and how results from the analysis can result in buildings with better energy management and more comfortable internal environments.
Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein + Austen Bates

Carbon Bite Night Series 2017

1. The WELL Standard & Building Tour (London)  (29.03.2017) – Hosted at Cundall's Well certified building, this carbon bite night presented an introduction and interactive discussion of the WELL standard followed by a tour of the building.
Kavita Kumari
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN The Well Standard

2. TM54: Modelling in Practice (Bristol) (10.04.2017) 
Dr Anna Menezes + Kevin Couling + Tom McNeil

3. Environmental and sustainable design (12.04.2017) - Exploring the successes and challenges of employing best practice in real world settings, this carbon bite presents how the boundaries of building design are being pushed to reduce their environmental impact.
Simon Wyatt + Joe Jack Williams

Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Environmental and Sustainable Design

4. Energy efficiency in supermarkets (London) (26.04.2017) - With speakers from both academia and industry, this carbon bite presents the strategies supermarkets are employing to improve their energy efficiency.
Salvador Acha + Brian Cairns
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets

5. Demand Response (London) (10.05.2017) - Speakers at this carbon bite examine the contribution that buildings and their systems can play in helping the National Grid manage peak loads.
Ian Rose + Edwin Carter + Maria Spyrou

Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Demand Response

6.  The Future of Decarbonisation - Gas Vs Electricity (London) (24.05.2017) - A break from the usual format for this series of events, this carbon bite night sees industry experts battle to reach common ground in a debate style evening.
Phil Jones + Huw Blackwell + Elliott More + Barny Evans
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN The Future of Decarbonisation

7. Crafting a Practical Passivhaus (Cambridge) (07.06.2017)
Gwilym Still + Matthew Traub

8.  Energy efficiency in listed buildings (London) (07.06.2017) - Speakers at this carbon bite explore the unique challenges presented when trying to improve building energy efficiency and the different strategies employed to overcome them.
Victoria Herring + Laurence Aston
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Energy efficiency in listed buildings

9.   Optimal Building Performance (Cambridge) (14.06.2017) 
Dr Yeonsook Heo + Tom McNeil 

10.   Transparent Sustainability (Cambridge) (28.06.2017) 
Tom Spurrier + Joel Gustafsson

11.   Future of District Heating (Cambridge) (05.07.2017) 
Marko Cosic + Bill Watts


Carbon Bite Night Series 2016

1. Legal Background of Building Energy Performance Requirements (09.03.2016) – where does all the regulation come from and how much of what we do is driven by it (EPBD, BRUKL, EPC, DEC, ESOS, etc.)
Hywel Davies + Netza Jack
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Energy Performance

2. District Heat Networks (23.03.2016) – major area of focus in London and many other parts of the UK
Phil Jones + Chris Grainger 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - District Heating Systems

3. Controls (06.04.2016) - basics & impact of, importance of end user interaction w. building and environment, criticality of good/simple/intuitive design
Nicola Combe + Ben Brakes 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Controls

4. Metering (20.04.2016) - sub-metering, TM39, BBP Toolkit, links back to benchmarks, control, understanding of building performance
Quentin Babcock + Peter Tse 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Metering

5. Post Occupancy Evaluation (04.05.2016) - importance of end user, understanding what worked previously and how it could be improved in the future
Tom Kordel + Lisa Pasquale 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Post Occupancy Evaluation 

6. Energy Performance Benchmarks (18.05.2016) – what's out there, they're really old and need updating, other sources (i.e. not just CIBSE TM46.Guide F), building specific benchmarks for clients
Maria Spyrou + Karim Dada 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Benchmarking

7. Carbon Bite Night in Bristol: Behaviour and Energy Management (06.04.2016) - This event was kindly hosted by AECOM and examined the often misunderstood role of behaviour in the energy performance of buildings, as well as the relationship between increasing automation and occupants' satisfaction.
The slides presented by Phil Hampshire (Buro Happold) and Kevin Couling (AECOM) can be downloaded from here: Carbon Bite Night - Behaviour and Energy Management


The great 2014 summer series

1. User Behaviour - Do people matter? (pdf)

2. Performance Gap - Is there really one? (pdf)

3. Future Proofing - Do we need to bother? (pdf)

4. Building Management - Who is in charge? (pdf)

5. Simulation - Are we just ticking boxes? (pdf)

6. Energy Efficient Retrofits - Going beyond a face lift? (pdf)