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New CIB Research Roadmap - Intelligent and Responsive Buildings

CIB Commission W098 - Intelligent and Responsive Buildings has published the Research Roadmap written by members of the W098 Commission and CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group. 

It presents collective ideas for now and the future and is avaialble for free.
Download it here from the CIB website (PDF)

Research Roadmap

Intelligent buildings present a number of challenges. They must be responsive to people’s needs including their health and wellbeing; be sustainable in the use of resources as well as incorporating the most useful parts of the evolving technologies.

The Roadmap reviews these demands including the relationship of intelligent buildings to the infrastructures of towns and cities. The processes of planning, design, construction and facilities management are complex and require decision making that is clear but realises the strategic and tactical inputs required by all the stakeholders including the clients. Intelligent buildings are part of our history as well the future.

They are a distinguishing mark of civilisations worldwide. In the 21st century with increasing populations in cities buildings need to be places to work and live with pleasure and joy. Simple things like connecting with Nature give so much value. In the complex and high speed world we must not forget that simplicity has appeal to the human spirit besides being more durable in the long term.

This set of essays, which comprise the Roadmap written by members of the W098 Commission and CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group opens the door to collective thought and ideas for now and the future.

Table of Contents

  • Future of Intelligent Buildings: A Critical Debate on Key Performance Indicators
  • Health and Wellbeing oriented Indoor Built Environments for Future Intelligent Buildings
  • Technology Aware Workplaces
  • Daylight in Intelligent Sustainable Architecture
  • Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Sustainable urban transportation in intelligent cities
  • Keeping Abreast with Technology
  • Digital Futures
  • Upskilling for technology enhanced collaborative working
  • Wellbeing homes
  • Bioelectromagnetic Design


The Research Roadmap is electronically available for free from the CIB website. In the near future the publication will also be available for free via the ICONDA®CIBlibrary.

Contact details

For information about the CIB Commission W098 – Intelligent and Responsive Buildings you can contact one of the Coordinators:

Prof.Dr. Derek Clements-Croome University of Reading – School of Built Environment, UK Queen Mary University of London - School of Engineering and Materials Science, UK

Dr. Tong Yang Middlesex University – Faculty of Science and Technology, UK

The publication is written in association with CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group.


You can find more information on the activities of the CIB Commission W098 – Intelligent and Responsive Buildings here.