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About the IT & Controls Group

Whilst recognising their distinct specialisms, the Group views the engineering aspects of IT and Control Systems to be similar in intent (providing facilities to assist business process) and similar in technology (using common processing and networking infrastructure and principles). As such, this broad-based Group aims to develop areas of common ground allowing particular items a greater IT or controls bias.

The Group provides a forum for ideas, discussion, and education on all aspects of the design, specification, supply, installation and servicing of IT equipment and systems and intelligent building controls equipment and systems. Education of the group members, the CIBSE organisation and the contracting market are important targets.

The Group seeks to encourage and develop working relationships with other sections with CIBSE, especially those impinging on IT and Controls issues, and produce relevant CIBSE publications. Membership of CIBSE is encouraged is not be compulsory for Group members.

The Group aims to promote awareness and best practice in their professional field of interest, providing a common voice to address the producer and client areas of their market. In particular, recognition of control engineering as a distinct discipline and the encouragement of more constructive procurement practices form part of the programme.

The Group aims to meet at least once a quarter and arrange seminars etc. and particular projects as appropriate.