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Membership Fees

Subscription Fees

All subscription fees run on an annual basis from 1st January to 31st December each year. Fees are not dependent on date of joining and therefore not prorated. Subscription fees must be included with all applications in addition to the application fee.

Subscription Fees - 2019
Membership Grade Standard Annual Fee Reduced Annual Fee*
Fellow £288 £52
Member £262 £52
Associate £191 £52
Licentiate £144 £52
Affiliate £131 £52
Graduate £105 £52
Student – Part Time £39 -
Student – Full Time Free for duration of course

*The reduced annual fee is only available for those who have completed the Reduced Subscription Rate Application Form. Members who hold EngC registration must pay an additional annual registration fee to the Engineering Council.


Engineering Council Registration Fees

EngC Registration Fees - 2019
Registration Grade Entry Fee** Standard Annual Fee Reduced Annual Fee*
CEng £51.90 £39.90 £18.00
IEng £43.80 £33.80 £15.00
EngTech £17.90 £19.40 £8.60
Interim IEng and CEng £10.60 £14.20 -

*A reduced Engineering Council Registration Fee is only available to those who have completed the Reduced Subscription Rate Application Form. The reduced fee is not applicable for Interim CEng or IEng.
**The Entry Fee is payable for your first year’s registration with the Engineering Council only. For each subsequent year you will pay the Annual Fee.


Application and Interview Fees 

Fees due when applying for membership
The application fee, subscription fee and where applicable, interview fee and Engineering Council Registration Entry fee must be submitted with your application. The total amount payable must also be authorised in your application form.

Membership Grade Application Fee* Interview Fee
Fellow £115 £155
Member £90 £130
Associate £70 £130
Licentiate £50 £110 (if applicable)
Affiliate £25 -
Graduate £25 -
Student – Part Time - -
Student – Full Time - -

*Application fees are payable by all applicants who do not hold an active membership with CIBSE and are non-refundable.


International Agreements: EU Directive Route & Mutual Recognition Route
Application Fee £90


Technical Report Route and Experiential Learning Route for CEng and IEng*
Administration Fee £110
Assessment Fee £170
Interview Fee £180

*The CEng/IEng Entry fee must be submitted with your application.

Other Fees

Qualification Assessment
Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Free £85*

*Fee only payable for non-members. If you apply for membership within 6 months of assessment, this fee will be deducted from your first subscription payment.