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Engineering Practice Reports for MCIBSE

The Engineering Practice Report should be between 4000 and 5000 words long based on the competence criteria for MCIBSE. It can also be written and presented in 2 different formats:

Competence Based - where the candidates start with competence A1 and describe a few projects where they feel they have covered this competence and then continue on with each of the required competences.

Project Based - where the candidates use two or three projects to highlight where they feel they have covered the competences.

Below is a number of carefully picked reports we feel are good examples of the layout and content expected from each applicant.

Competency Based:

Project Based:


Discipline specific competence examples for MCIBSE

We are working to produce evidence examples that applicants from different disciplines can use to assist with demonstrating competence. These can be used to help demonstrate MCIBSE level competence and assist with writing the Engineering Practice Report.

CIBSE and the Society of Facade Engineering have produced competence examples for facade engineers.

Facade Engineer MCIBSE competence criteria

CIBSE and the Society of Light and Lighting have produced competence examples for lighting design engineers.

Lighting Design Engineer MCIBSE competence criteria