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  • PublisherCIBSE
  • Product CodeGVB0/16
  • Number of pages37
  • Publication DateJun 2016
  • ISBN9781906846725

Guide B0: Applications and activities: HVAC strategies for common building types









Guide B0: Applications and activities: HVAC strategies for common building types

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Guide B provides guidance on the practical design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and is divided into six sections which are published separately:

The full set is available at a discounted price here: Guide B (full set)

Guide B0: Applications and activities focuses on how different types of building and different activities within buildings influence the choice of system.

Topics covered include:

  • Conflicts between design objectives
  • The internal environment
  • Initial and operating cost
  • Environmental impact and energy efficiency
  • Generic issues affecting HVAC strategy
    • Built form and scale
    • Location
    • Range of activities
    • Resilience to future changes
  • Key decisions
    • Is heating needed?
    • Is mechanical ventilation needed?
    • Is cooling needed?
  • Specific activities and building types
    • Offices
    • Dealing rooms
    • Supermarkets and food stores
    • Shops and general retail premises
    • Commercial kitchens
    • Hotels
    • Schools
    • Places of assembly
    • Dwellings
    • Hospitals
    • Healthcare buildings: non-surgical
    • Sports centres
    • Swimming pools
    • Data centres
    • Factories and workshops
    • Cleanrooms
    • Animal rooms
    • Farms
    • Transportation buildings and facilities


Ross Barritt, Ken Boniface, Neill Clark, Vic Crisp, Gordon Farquharson, Tony Feather, Alan Fox, Jacquelyn Fox, Ken Goodman, Mike Hardy, Stuart Harman, Karl Lyndon, Dejan Mumovic, Nick Skemp, Andrew Thomson