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Knowledge Archive

CIBSE's archived publications may be of value to our membership and, hopefully, to the wider industry, and many of these may be difficult to obtain elsewhere. The titles below are currently available for purchase. If the title you would like is not listed below, please email


Guide A: Environmental design (2006), superseded in 2015
Guide B: Installation and equipment data (1986), superseded in 2005 and again in 2016
Guide B: Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (2005), superseded in 2016
Guide D: Transportation in buildings (2010), superseded in 2015 and again in 2020
Guide D: Transportation in buildings (2015), superseded in 2020
Guide E: Fire safety engineering (2010), superseded in 2019
Guide F: Energy efficiency (2004), superseded in 2012
Guide G: Public health engineering (2004), superseded in 2014
Guide H: Building control systems (2000), superseded in 2009
Guide J: Weather, solar and illuminance data (2002) - withdrawn, no new edition
Guide L: Sustainability (2007), superseded in 2020
Guide M: Maintenance engineering and management (2008), superseded in 2014
Guide to ownership, operation and maintenance of building services (2000), superseded by Guide M (2008) and again by Guide M (2014)

Technical Memoranda

TM1: Recommendations relating the design of air-handling systems to fire and smoke control in buildings (1974)
TM2: Notes on legislation relating to fire and services in buildings (1974)
TM3: Notes on legislation relating to the health and safety a work etc. Act (1974)
TM4: Design notes of the middle east (1979)
TM4: Design notes of the middle east (1990)
TM5: The calculation and use of utilisation factors (1980)
TM6: Lighting for visual display units (1981)
TM7: Recommendations on the use of small programmable calculators (1982)
TM8: Design notes for ductwork (1983)
TM9: Notes on non-statutory codes and standards relating to fire and services in buildings (1982)
TM10: The calculation of glare indices (1985)
TM11: The selection and application of heat pumps (1985)
TM12: Emergency lighting (1986)
TM13: Minimising the risk of legionnaires' disease (1987)
TM13: Minimising the risk of legionnaires' disease (1991)
TM13: Minimising the risk of legionnaires' disease (2002)
TM15: Design guidance for heat pump systems (1988)
TM16: Fire Precautions: sources of information on legal and other requirements (1990)
TM17: Building services maintenance management (1994)
TM18: Ice storage (1994)
TM19: Relationships for smoke control calculations (1995)
TM20: Health, safety and welfare in the built environment (1995)
TM24: Environmental factors affecting office worker performance: Review (1999), withdrawn in 2019
TM29: HVAC strategies for well-insulated airtight buildings (2002), withdrawn in 2018 
TM34: Weather data with climate change scenarios (2004)
TM36: Climate change and the indoor environment (2005), withdrawn in 2018
TM38: Renewable energy sources for buildings (2006), withdrawn in 2020 as largely superseded by Guide L: Sustainability
TM40: Health issues in building services (2006), superseded in 2020
TM50: Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens (2009), superseded in 2021

Applications Manuals

AM3: Condensing boilers (1989), withdrawn

Other CIBSE publications

CP1: Heat networks: Code of Practice for the UK (2015), superseded in 2020
Commissioning Code: Lighting (2003), superseded in 2018
Research Report 04: Engineering design calculations and use of margins (1994), withdrawn in 2018
Knowledge Series 10: Biomass heating (2007), withdrawn in 2018 as largely superseded by AM15 (2014)

SLL titles

Guide to limiting obtrusive light (2012), superseded by LG21 (2021)
Guide to lighting of licensed premises
 (2011), superseded by LG18 (2018)
Lighting Guide 2: Hospitals and health care buildings (2008), superseded by LG02 (2019)
Lighting Guide 8: Lighting for museums and art galleries (2015), superseded in 2021
SLL Lighting Handbook (2009), superseded by the Lighting Handbook (2018)
Lighting Guide 06: The outdoor environment (1992), superseded by LG06 (2016)
Lighting Guide 02: Hospitals and health care buildings (1989), superseded by the above publication in 2008 and again by LG02 (2019)
Code for interior lighting (1984)

If you have any queries about our archived content, please email