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Future Knowledge Priorities

Priorities set for future knowledge

A number of subject areas were agreed by CIBSE's Knowledge Management Committee (KMC) in 2015 to be of priority for future new publications projects. These should be noted by those making new proposals to KMC (and reflected in the TP/1 form). 

These are shown in the table below.

Whole life performance

Bringing together all of the elements that contribute to the high performance of buildings over their lifetimes such as whole life costing, post occupancy evaluation,  and understanding user behaviour.

Delivering building performance benchmark guidance and data for different building types. 

Climate impact

Exploring the global challenges and opportunities presented by different and extreme weather resulting from a changing climate. 

Systems thinking and integration 


Promoting a holistic approach to services within buildings and buildings within their wider environment; considering interdependencies with existing infrastructure.

Understanding how advances in technology and the bringing together of systems will affect building services e.g. integration of low carbon and renewable technologies.

Developing appropriate tools and guidance so that the full benefits of BIM can be realised in practical application.

Retrofit and refurbishment

Focusing on how the energy and environmental performance of existing building stock can be improved, to deliver more efficient, comfortable and healthy buildings.

Health and wellbeing

Exploring how buildings can contribute to the quality of life, health and wellbeing of people, while keeping to their energy efficient targets. 

Investigating in particular how indoor air quality and themal comfort impact on building occupants' health and performance.