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Latest CIBSE Publications

TM60GVE2019 CIBSE Guide E: Fire Safety Engineering

This fourth edition of CIBSE Guide E: Fire safety engineering is a fully updated version of the third edition which was published in 2010. The entire text of every chapter has been carefully reviewed.

TM60CP3 : Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps: CoP for the UK

This Code of Practice has been produced as a joint project between the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) with the backing of the Heat Pump Association (HPA). The work has been supported by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).edition to build on its success.

TM60DE6.1: Cyber security in building services design​

DE6.1, part of CIBSE’s Digital Engineering Series, is intended to assist those that commission, design, construct and operate built assets in understanding the implications of security on building services design. These implications may revolve around national security, commercial security or private security. Each will have individual requirements, and this publication looks to provoke thought in this regard. The solutions will be a matter for each individual organisation, company or person to ascertain.

TM60LH SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

The first edition of the SLL Lighting Handbook was produced in 2009 to celebrate the centenary of the Society of Light and Lighting. It was well received by our members and the wider international lighting community and so it was decided to create an expanded edition to build on its success.

TM60LG18 Lighting Guide 18: Lighting for licensed premises (2018)

Previously entitled 'Guide to the lighting of licensed premises' and not part of SLL's Lighting Guide series, this publication has been updated and expanded for its second edition and is now incorporated into that series.The function of this Lighting Guide is to provide guidance to all those who are concerned with the design, equipping, management and operation of ‘licensed premises’, i.e. buildings or parts of buildings in which alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises.

TM60LG17 Lighting Guide 17: Lighting for retail premises (2018)

Retail outlets, stores, shops, kiosks and showrooms are only a few of the ways to refer to retail spaces and that in itself shows the diversity within this type of space in the built environment. Retail offers, by far, the widest range of opportunities and challenges to the lighting designer. It is perhaps the area where most creative opportunities arise and close working with interior designers and building owners from the outset is essential.

TM60DE9: Application of Soft Landings & Government Soft Landings in BSE

DE9 in the Digital Engineering Series is intended for those that specify, commission and deliver Soft Landings or Government Soft Landings on construction projects.

TM60TM60 Good Practice in the Design of Homes

Aims to help building services engineers and other professionals working on the planning, design and construction of homes to understand and demonstrate good practice, understand the relevant guidance, tools and other resources available and contribute to delivering good practice as part of a wider design team.