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CIBSE Members & Registration Panel

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Registration and Members’ Panel is appointed by the Education, Training and Membership Committee and shall report to it.
The Panel shall consist of a Chair who will report to the Education Training & Membership committee, 2 Vice Chairs and at least 12 members plus an Engineering Council Liaison Officer.  All sections of the Engineering Council Register must be represented on the Panel. Specialists may be co-opted, as determined by the Chair.
The Panel meetings to review cases are held on a virtual basis; frequency is determined by number of cases received. Additionally, two face to face meetings of the Panel will normally be held to review applications received at the 1st February and 1st August closing dates. At these meetings items of policy may also be raised and training given.

  • Meetings will normally be chaired either by the Panel Chair or a Vice Chair
  • A quorum shall be no fewer than four members.
  • Members are appointed for one year and, normally, will serve for not longer than 5 consecutive years.
  • Appropriate training will be provided for all Panel members.
  • The Panel year runs from May until April, in line with the Institution’s committee year.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To make all decisions relating to applicants for registration with the Engineering Council for CEng, IEng and EngTech

  2. To make decisions relating to applications for CIBSE Membership (Fellow; Member; Associate; Licentiate; Graduate; Companion)

  3. To note the removal of members through death, resignation, lapsing or non-payment of subscriptions

Committee Membership

Chair: Tony Lamberti

Other Members:                    
Caroline Cattini
David Wood
Tony Lamberti
John Dallimore
Jennifer Bousfield - Vice Chair
Vincent Arnold 
Tse Ming Chung 
Peter Westmore 
John Forster
Stuart Marshall 
Martin Hicks  
Paul Naish
Herbert Lam 
Geraldine O’Farrell
Graeme Bruce
Isaac Coker
Martin Craig 
Stephen Gill
Kavita Kumari
Michael Ward 
Konstantionos Lysikatos

Member of Staff Responsible: Romina Trinidad - Membership & Registration Manager
Department: Membership