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CIBSE Individual Case Procedure Panel (ICP)

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Individual Case Procedures Panel is appointed by the Education, Training and Membership Committee and shall report to it.

The Panel shall consist of a Chair, who will report to the Education, Training & Membership Committee, and up to twelve other members who are CEng registered members.

  • Specialists may be co-opted as determined by the Chair.
  • A quorum shall be three members.
  • Members are appointed for one year and, normally, will serve for not longer than 5 consecutive years.
  • Appropriate training will be provided for all panel members.
  • The Panel year runs from May until April, in line with the Institution’s committee year.

Panel meetings to review cases are held on a virtual basis; frequency is determined by number of cases received. An additional yearly face to face meeting of the Panel will normally be held for process review and training purposes.

Terms of Reference:

1.  To determine criteria, for publication and for application by staff, to establish if there is justification in submitting a case for review by the Panel
2.  To be responsible for all decisions regarding non-accredited qualifications referred to the Panel, for grades of membership leading to EC registration.
3.  To assess all Technical Report Route synopses.

4. To assess candidates' eligibility to follow the Experiential Learning Route.

Committee Membership

Chair: Phil Forest                               
Other Members:                    
Colin Davies
Rodger Edwards
Mike Farrell
David Hughes
Maria Kolokotroni
Li Shao
Cheong Ming Tsoi
Waleed Yagoub

Staff Responsible: Julia Savage – Senior Membership & Qualifications Officer                  
Department: Membership