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CIBSE House Sub-Committee

Reports to: The Board

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The House Sub-Committee meets four times a year and additionally as the need arises.  It deals with Chief Executive targets and remuneration, senior staff remuneration and general staff conditions of service, and any other confidential matters as required by the President.

Terms of Reference:

1. To agree remuneration and terms of contract in any bonus for the Chief Executive
2. To agree the Chief Executive’s targets and appraise achievements
3. To approve recommendations for Heads of Department remuneration and performance bonuses
4. To review standard staff terms and conditions, recommend or approve changes as appropriate, and consider grievances as required
5. To handle, on behalf of the Board, any other confidential matter as deemed necessary by the President
6. To report to the Board on actions undertaken

Committee Membership

The Panel is chaired by the President and includes the Immediate Past President, President-Elect and Honorary Treasurer.  The current membership is:

President – Kevin Mitchell
President Elect – Adrian Catchpole
Honorary Treasurer – Vince Arnold
Immediate Past President – Kevin Kelly

Director Responsible: Ruth Carter, Chief Executive