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CIBSE Continuing Professional Development Panel (CPD)

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Continuing Professional Development Panel is appointed by the Education, Training & Membership Committee and shall report to it.
The Panel shall consist of a Chair, who will report to the Education, Training & Membership Committee, and up to twelve other members. All sections of the EC Register will be represented.

  • Specialists may be co-opted as determined by the Chair.
  • A quorum shall be no fewer than three members.
  • Members are appointed for one year and, normally, will serve for not longer than 5 consecutive years.
  • Appropriate training will be provided for all Panel members.

The Panel year runs from May until April, in line with the Institution’s committee year.
The Panel will normally meet twice year with additional, virtual meetings taking place, as required, to deal with routine monitoring of members’ CPD activities.

Terms of Reference:

1. To be responsible for the monitoring of CPD activities of Licentiates, Associates, Members and Fellows, in accordance with CIBSE policy and EC requirements.

2. To co-ordinate the promotion of the benefits of CPD to the membership

3. To undertake periodic monitoring of approved CPD providers and assess applications for approved status.

Committee Membership

Chair: John Aston FSLL 

Vice Chair: Stephen Page CEng MCIBSE - Brinson Staniland Partnership

Other Members:
  • Andrew Piper CEng MCIBSE - Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme
  • Dan Lister FSLL - Arup
  • Aristos Aristotelous CEng FCIBSE - C Energy Engineering Limited
  • Stephen Hennessy CEng FCIBSE MSLL - WT Consultancy
  • Man Wing Chan CEng FCIBSE - Cushmand and Wakefield Property Management Limited
  • Dr Khalid Eissa CEng FCIBSE - AECOM Arabia
  • Brian Johnson CEng MCIBSE - Retired
  • Nelson Thomas CEng MCIBSE - Head of Section, PACE
Department: Membership