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DE4: Common Data Environments

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Course Structure
Learning Outcomes

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The Digital Engineering Series is a growing portfolio. It has nine parts, each module consisting of two hours’ worth of content. These courses are for those involved in all stages of a project: engagement, design, construction, handover, and use of a constructed asset. 2 Hours CPD. 

These Digital Engineering Series modules reflect the contents of the BS and PAS 1192 series. These have now been largely superseded by the ISO 19650 series. However, the processes and procedures remain the same, even if some of their names have changed. For better understanding of these changes, please refer to PD 19650-0, which covers the transition from the “1192 series” to the ISO 19650 series.

Course Structure

The concept of the CDE is to provide a central repository of information, be that graphical or data based. This information can then be shared in a structured way, with layers of checking and approval to ensure that the information is correct and suitable. There is no single method of delivering a Common Data Environment. It can be based on the use of folders, use of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) or a bespoke cloud-based solution. It will depend on the nature and scale of the project which solution is chosen.
The choice of CDE solution can be made by the employer, their representative or the lead designer. If the employer or their representative choose the CDE solution, then this should be stated in the Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR). If the lead designer chooses, then this should be stated in the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). It is important for all actors on a project to engage with and use the CDE. It will be the single source of truth that designers, constructors, manufacturers and facility managers require to perform their duties. This course covers the topic of Common Data Environment (CDE) logic and use. It covers areas including general principles, standards which define CDE use, the sections within a CDE and how a file may progress between them with suitable checking procedures.

Make your way through this course at your own pace with the following:  

  • DE4: Common Data Environments Topics
  • Additional Resources
  • Activity Pages
  • CPD Certificate on completion

This course covers: 

  • General principles
  • CDE sections
  • Work in Progress
  • Model suitability check
  • Standard Method and Procedure check
  • Technical content check
  • COBie completeness check
  • Drawing extract checks
  • Approval by the task team manager
  • Shared
  • Published 
  • Client Shared
  • Archive
  • Revisions and suitability


Anyone who is required to specify, create or use a CDE.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding the purpose of CDEs
  • Ability to understand and use a CDE
  • Advise on the structure and functionality of a CDE

Course Fees 

  • CIBSE Member Rate: £40 + VAT
  • Standard Rate: £50 + VAT

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