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Cancellation Policy

Special Learning Requirements

Candidates are asked to let us know in advance if they have any relevant special needs or requirements. As a general policy all special needs will be catered for as and when practical to do so.
These guidelines are necessary to ensure consistency of treatment for candidates who present with special needs. These may vary from learning difficulties to physical and mental disabilities.
Specific needs are associated with learning difficulties which typically arise from dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Dyslexia is the most commonly diagnosed. The characteristics of these conditions overlap and vary in degrees between individuals.
If candidates require support for the examinations due to specific needs, they will need to contact CIBSE Services in order to establish the nature and level of support required. After a period of consultation which may require the consideration of documentary evidence e.g. a medical certificate, the candidate will be asked to take a copy of the confirmation along with them to the exam along with a form of ID. 
It is the responsibility of the candidate to make his/her requirements known. The deadline for making requirements known, providing evidence is 2 weeks prior to the examination.
As a general rule, an additional ten minutes of examination time will be made available for candidates with specific needs. In addition to this, alternative provision which might involve the use of IT support will be made available to the candidate when considered necessary.
Depending on the nature of the support required, it might be advisable for the candidate to be examined in a location separate to the main examination centre.
CIBSE requests that delegates contact the relevant department to advice of any special requirements prior to attending the course so that appropriate arrangements can be made. These requirements are detailed on the CIBSE database and on CIBSE’s calendar for room bookings or via the relevant documentation for external venues.