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Software training

All Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEAs) who wish to produce EPCs must also demonstrate that they are competent in the use of an approved SBEM interface software tool or approved Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software (to meet MHCLG requirements) to calculate the asset rating and produce the energy performance certificate and recommendations report for buildings.

  • Those LCEAs using DSM (Dynamic Simulation Modelling) software will be qualified at Level 5
  • Those using SBEM will be qualified up to Level 4
  • Those assessed in their use of both (DSM) and SBEM will be qualified at all levels.

CIBSE Certification approves a number of software companies that offer training and an examination in the use of their software. We have done this because the software companies know their software better than anyone else and are therefore best placed to offer the training and to set and mark the examination.

CIBSE Certification only offers an Energy Assessor Certification to individuals using MHCLG approved software. The companies listed below have MHCLG approved software and are also approved by CIBSE Certification as training and examination partners. CIBSE Certification has formal arrangements in place to recognise the examinations from these software companies as fulfilling part of the application criteria to become an Energy Assessor.

Please note: Energy Assessor Certification is software specific, so if you want to offer your services as an Energy Assessor using more than one software you must take the examination (and any training you feel necessary) for each software package.

For details of training and assessment click the links below (the assessment offered by your software provider will include the assessment of one EPC produced under exam conditions).

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