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DE3 - BIM Execution Plans

Key areas
Course content
Learning outcomes
Who should do the course
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Key Areas

This course covers the topics of BIM Execution Plans (BEP) authoring and use. It covers areas including pre- and post-contract BEPs, Project Implementation Plans, Standard Method and Procedure and how to create a BEP if no Employer’s Information Requirements document is provided.

Course content

  1. Pre-contract BEP
  2. Project Information
  3. Information Required by the EIR
  4. Project Implementation Plan
  5. Project Goals for Collaboration and Information Modelling
  6. Major Project Milestones
  7. Project Information Model (PIM) Delivery Strategy
  8. Post-contract BEP
  9. Project Information
  10. Information Required by the EIR
  11. Management
  12. Planning and Documentation
  13. Standard Method and Procedure
  14. IT Solutions
  15. BEPs without EIRs

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the purpose of BEPs
  • Ability to write and appraise BEPs
  • Ability to respond meaningfully to an EIR

Who should attend

Anyone who is required to read, write or act upon a BEP

How to book 

Purchase the individual course online - buy now
For mulitple courses or bulk purchases please email


Course fees 

  • Members: £36 (£43.20 inc VAT)

  • Non-members:  £40 (£48 inc vat)

Programmes of learning 

Packages of learning for the full BIM programme 

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