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DE1 – Pre-qualification Questionnaires

Key areas
Course content
Learning outcomes
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Key Areas

Pre-qualification is now an integral part of seeking new contracts and ensuring that those that are bidding for work are competent, capable and have the capacity to perform the tasks asked of them.
Traditionally, a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) was a bespoke form sent by the prospective Employer or their representative to the bidders. This takes time and resources to complete on a project by project basis, so PAS 91 was written to streamline this. The purpose of completing a PAS 91 compliant questionnaire is to compile all the data that is necessary to answer the relevant questions an Employer may ask, this is done once and once only, until the data needs to be revised, thus saving the bidding company time and money on future project bids.
This course is intended to help suppliers of Building Services and their prospective Employers to understand the process, what is relevant and what is not and how to write a questionnaire and how to answer it. This course should be read and completed in conjunction with the PAS and the CIBSE publication DE1 - Pre-qualification Questionnaires.
Writing, responding to and general understanding of pre-qualification questionnaires.


Course content

Compulsory modules

Supplier identity

  • C1-Q1 – Name of legal entity or sole-trader
  • C1-Q2 – Registered office address
  • C1-Q3 – Contact Details for enquiries
  • C1-Q4 – Registration number
  • C1-Q5 – Charity registration number
  • C1-Q6 – VAT registration number
  • C1-Q7 – Name of immediate parent company
  • C1-Q8 – Name of ultimate parent company
  • C1-Q9 – Type of organisation

Financial information

  • C2-Q1 – Accounts
  • C2-Q2 – Insurance

Business and professional standing

  • C3-Q1 – Criminal or civil court action
  • C3-Q2 – Pending criminal or civil court action
  • C3-Q3 – Enforcement/remedial orders

Health and safety policy

  • C4-Q1-1a-c – Exemptions
  • C4-Q2 – Role related question selection


  • C4-Q3 – Health and safety policy
  • C4-Q4 – Health and safety management
  • C4-Q5 – Health and safety advice/assistance
  • C4-Q6 – Health and safety training
  • C4-Q7 – Health and safety qualifications
  • C4-Q8 – Health and safety performance review
  • C4-Q9 – Health and safety workforce planning and implementation
  • C4-Q10 – Record and review accidents/incidents
  • C4-Q11 – Supply chain health and safety
  • C4-Q12 – Risk assessment
  • C4-Q13 – Co-operating and co-ordinating
  • C4-Q14 – On-site welfare provision


  • C4-Q15 – Health and safety capabilities
  • C4-Q16 – Arrangements for meeting the designer duties
  • C4-Q17 – Check and review health and safety performance


Optional Modules

Equal opportunity and diversity

  • O1-Q1 – Duties in relation to the Equalities Act 2010
  • O1-Q2 – Compliance with anti-discrimination legislation
  • O1-Q3 – Findings of unlawful discrimination
  • O1-Q4 – Compliance action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • O1-Q5 – Compliance remedial action
  • O1-Q6 – Ensure that equality and diversity is embedded
  • O1-Q7 – Eliminating discrimination

Environmental management

  • O2-Q2 – Policy for the management of construction-related environmental issues
  • O2-Q3 – Ensuring that environmental management procedures are effective
  • O2-Q4 – Training and information on construction-related environmental issues
  • O2-Q5 – Checking environmental management performance
  • O2-Q6 – Supplier environmental management performance

Quality management

  • O3-Q2 – Policy for the management and organization for quality management
  • O3-Q3 – Ensuring that your quality management is effective
  • O3-Q4 – Arrangements for providing quality related training
  • O3-Q5 – Checking quality management performance
  • O3-Q6 – Supplier quality management performance

 Building information modelling

  • O4-Q1 – Common Data Environment
  • O4-Q2 – Level 2 BIM
  • O4-Q3 – BIM Execution Plan
  • O4-Q4 – Training in BIM related skills

Learning outcomes

Ability to write or respond to pre-qualification questionnaires.

Who should do the course

Anyone who commissions, creates or responds to pre-qualification questionnaires.

How to book 

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Course fees 

  • Members: £36 (£43.20 inc VAT)
  • Non-members: £40 (£48 inc vat)

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