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New edition of LG2: Lighting for Healthcare Premises now available

The SLL is delighted to announce the publication of the new, revised edition of Lighting Guide (LG2): Lighting for Healthcare Premises (2019). Replacing the 2008 edition, the new Guide has been brought up to date with contemporary lighting practice, illustrating ways of lighting the modern hospital environment. Illumination recommendations have been aligned where appropriate with European Standards on lighting and the SLL Code for Lighting.

The lighting industry has seen an increase in marketing related to lighting for health and productivity (‘human-centric lighting’, ‘circadian lighting’ etc.), with products claiming to enhance performance and productivity, and to avoid disrupting sleep patterns. This edition does not detail or promote these techniques, which will disappoint some, but these claims should be taken with caution and all such products should be carefully evaluated. While the SLL Code for Lighting and BS EN 12464-1 acknowledge the importance of non-visual effects of light on health and wellbeing, the SLL warns that research in this area is still very limited and the existence of beneficial effects due to changing the colour and level of electric light during the course of a day has yet to be unequivocally demonstrated.
Ultimately it should be remembered that the key objective of all these measures is to define the quantity and quality of light and that it should replicate as close as possible the conditions under which we have evolved. Good design principles should always be followed with priority given to daylight and complemented by electric lighting. Note also that daylight has unique and complex qualities, to some extent still not fully understood and for which metrics are not agreed; it cannot be replaced by electric lighting and should therefore be given priority.
The Foreword was written by Mike Ralph, Principal Engineer for National Health Service Improvements (NHSI). Within it, Mike highlights the longstanding partnership between CIBSE/SLL and the prevailing NHS central delivery model. With regard to the relevance of LG2 within NHS systems, he states the following;
“LG2 is referenced in the Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) series and the Health Building Notes (HBN). NHSI commends this document for its advice and guidance in healthcare related lighting requirements.”
Mike Ralph, Principal Engineer NHSI
The task group in charge with reviewing and rewriting LG2 was chaired by Nicholas Bukorović.
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