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Planting the building services seed

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If you ever attend a university or college career exhibition to promote building services engineering, you will be reminded of just how abstract the industry, you passionately built your career on, seems to an industry outsider.

CIBSE Auckland and Victoria came face to face with wide eyed, enthusiastic engineering potentials when doing their bit for the industry at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and Monash University career fairs last month.

With little in the way of a degree dedicated to Building Services in Australasia, it comes down to these dedicated CIBSE representatives to explain, firstly, what building services are, and what Building Services Engineering careers look like. Then, before students shuffle along to the next stall, our dedicated industry professional must convey the massive social and environmental impact each student can have by applying their talents to engineering a better built environment.

It takes an out of the box, big picture, thinker to appreciate the power of a building services engineer but those are precisely the young engineers we are trying to attract to our industry.

AUT’s 2018 Engineering & ICT careers fair took place in its new engineering and technology building. Students were not only enthusiastic to learn about CIBSE, but keen to join, with over 25 signing up for student membership.  

“I met quite a few students who really enjoyed their courses on building services and they were grateful to know that there was a professional body to support them in their career development.” – Jerrin Pius, CIBSE Auckland Young Engineers Network (YEN) chair.

Newly appointed Victorian YEN Chair, Jack Wardale and chair of ANZ YEN, Sian Willmott, were met with similar enthusiasm at Melbourne’s Monash University open day, last month, where high school students were looking to embark on a university experience. Jack gave a short presentation on Mechanical engineering; sharing his day to day experiences with students, and the benefits of joining the building services industry.

Jack has also recently joined the sub-committee for the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards to plan the 2019 competition and ceremony that will take place in Melbourne next year. The Awards are also key to the overall CIBSE ANZ strategy to do more to promote young talent in the industry.

By engaging with students, capturing their minds and imaginations early, and educating them on what is possible with a career in building services, we ensure the best talent for our industry's future.

Thank you to Jerrin Pius, Ruth Williams, Ian Sumner and Raitis Kjestrup who represented CIBSE at the Auckland event and Sian Willmott and Jack Wardale for their representation in Melbourne.

If you would like to be involved in local University visits to promote Building Services Engineering as a career, email [email protected]


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