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CIBSE and RIAS launch new Certifier of Design in Scotland scheme

CIBSE, in partnership with The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS), has started up a scheme which enables suitably qualified members of CIBSE to certify their own designs under Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards which deals with energy (similar to Part L in England).   

The scheme is designed to allow engineers or architects / technicians to certify that the building design complies with the energy requirements set down in the building regulations so removing the need for the building control officer to verify the calculations. This helps to smooth the passage of building warrant applications through the process.   

A similar scheme introduced for structural aspects of designs some years ago in Scotland has been very successful and the use of structural approved certifiers of design has become the norm. The ambition is for this to happen with the energy aspects of the building in the near future.

Find out more about the scheme and how to apply to become an approved certifier of design by visiting: